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A New post from Little One's Spirit Team on finding inner happiness

Make this a brand new day and let yourself rejoice in all the good things that are within your life. There are many things that are hardly ever acknowledged, things are most definitely conditions for your happiness. Take for example the gifts of sight and hearing. Where would you be without those things in place?

It is our contention that people don’t need nearly as much as they think they need in order to be happy. “If only I had this, if only I could be that,” if, if, if….my goodness wake up and see that those things mean nothing over here. We don’t give a hoot as to whether you went to college or own a big house. It makes no difference in the long run, so why make it so important in the short run? If you’re going to keep building up your portfolio, let it include some of the accolades that actually make a difference over here, the most important of which is simple human kindness but it must start with kindness to yourself, which many of you find impossible to achieve.

We have been working on Little One long before she ever realized that we were with her to stop beating herself up over mistakes and situations over which she has no control. Over and over we say to her, “Do your best and let the pieces fall where they will. Above all honor yourself and treat yourself as you would treat your only child, your best friend and your lover. Those are 3 roles that you should examine and ask yourself, would I say this to my child? Would I judge so harshly my best friend? Would I talk so unkindly to my lover?

Everything must start with this central relationship, the one that affects how you feel inside, the relationship of the self to the self. Why not begin to practice loving kindness to yourself as the first step in developing the truest path to joy and freedom?

Where do you begin? There are many methods but to begin, make a point of becoming mindful of the way that you treat yourself throughout the day. Listen to the things that you say to yourself inside your head because seeing clearly is the first step to identifying what is it that keeps you from feeling self-satisfied?

So, step one is to pay attention. Are you friend or foe inside that mind?

It’s Tea Time Talk Number Two

Hello, my friends, this is Mr. Henry James Edwards and I am so happy to be able to continue with the second Tea Time Talk. This one will follow on from where we left off, talking about the spiritual muscle that resides inside each of you.

The first thing I want to do is to address the question left in a comment. Sheri’s friend wanted to know how she might maintain the light around her and within her and this is my answer. The light is always there, but it is a constant and daily vigil to work through the bushes and brambles that have been growing up around your heart since you were born as a source of protection from those things that hurt you in your life. It’s something that you have to work through on an ongoing basis and I have to say that this is what everyone needs to understand before they will be able to have access to the light at all. This light has been obscured from their sight by barriers that they themselves have created.

When I speak of the light, I know you want to maintain it because you know intrinsically that this is the way to peace and universal love, but what makes this so hard? What stands in your way of accessing it and what blocks your love for yourself? That is the biggest question for you to explore because when you put yourself out of your own heart, how can you possibly be in this light on a constant basis? Take down the blocks even for a minute and you can see that it’s there, but why are you not able to experience it more of the time?

Now you all have problems in your lives with others as well and with situations, but if you are in a state of self-acceptance then even those problems are less difficult. So to answer that question of Sheri’s high school friend Joni Tantillo, you just keep on keeping on and whittling away at the bushes and brambles that obscure the light from view and this will be maintained only by your own efforts. I know of no magic formula but to tell you to keep up the good work, you’ve already experienced many payoffs, haven’t you Mrs. Tantillo?

But getting back to the spiritual muscle, I’m going to tell you a secret that isn’t a secret except for the fact that it’s not fully known or understood. What you need to realize is that your physical brain is limited by the very fact that it is wired to live within a certain set of rules and conditions. Physical reality is but a shadow of what lies within it and beyond it but its full depth cannot be experienced by the physical brain. It can’t be seen by the physical eyes or heard by the physical ears and so there is a world of sound and sight that your brain is not privy to. You rely on your brain as the authority for determining your perspective and therefore your understanding is limited to what the physical brain can perceive. In this way, you limit your awareness to a physical perspective, but your awareness goes way beyond what your physical brain can perceive, so, that means that you have to venture beyond the limits of the physical brain.

So, you think, “Well then, how does this spiritual muscle speak without the interference of the physical brain and how do I open up to it? You start with those feelings and emotions that make up the rest of your experience of being physically alive. While in a physical body you have to learn how to let your inner feelings have at least as much credence to you as you give to your physical brain. Just knowing that your brain obscures your full vision of life should make you a little less trusting of all those thoughts and even allow for some resistance to listening to it over and over, especially when it is running off into thoughts and images that are negative in nature.

I think you all are familiar with this very human habit of preoccupation with thinking about what is wrong with you or your life, or the lives of people you know and even the lives of people you don’t know. You all spend way too much time and attention going down rabbit holes in your minds. It’s so much poppycock and a waste of time and energy.

You all know that going over negative issues until you’re miserable isn’t a good thing to do, but like children having a bad rash that you know you shouldn’t scratch, you do it anyway. You have been told that it only makes matters worse, but you get this momentary satisfaction from scratching and so you just go for it and it does in fact make matters worse, not ever better.

And so Tea Time is really not about taking tea, but about taking time, time to stop and be mindful. I want you to just stop, here and there and simply be with the moment. You will find enormous resistance to this from the mind. Sometimes I am almost hollering at Sheri to stop thinking and analyzing for one minute and just pay attention to her senses.

So for my next Tea Time Talk we’ll talk about ways to stop yourself from scratching, how to take your focus off of the mental banter and just be. That’s why I use the analogy of Tea Time, because you think of Tea Time as a time to relax. I want to teach you how to really take Tea and this not necessarily meant to be taken in a literal sense. It’s about remembering to just take a few moments, here and there throughout your day to stop listening to the mind and just be. When you take this time to step back from your constant interaction with thoughts it will allow for you to feel yourself, the spiritual part of yourself that cannot be described in words.

When you stop letting the mind run you, you can develop a sense of knowing which goes beyond words and explanations. I also want you to develop some trust in the goodness of your own being. Those two for starters would lift you to a higher vibration.

So goodbye, for now, my friends and stay tuned for further communications to come from me through my dear friend and confidant, Sheri Perl Migdol.