The Prayer Registry

This site was created and is maintained by Reverend Dr. Sheri Perl Migdol, mother of Daniel Perl Migdol, who passed away on July 1, 2008 at the age of 22.

This free website service is dedicated to all of the families who have lost children, whatever age that child was when they passed. This site registers the anniversary day of our children's passing. The members of this online community, the Prayer Team, have the opportunity to honor their child's legacy, connect with other bereaved parents, and participate in world-wide group prayer for every registered loved one on the anniversary day of their passing.

There is no charge for this service; it is my sincere hope that every bereaved parent who registers a child will join the Prayer Team and be a source of prayer for all of the children on the other side. Each time another child is registered, the Prayer Team grows larger and stronger.

Please email Sheri at to register your loved one on The Prayer Registry. Once registered, you will be a member of the Prayer Team and you will receive Prayer Registry reminders one day prior to the anniversary day of one of our children.

Feel free to email any questions, concerns or feelings that you would like to share. My door is always open. I hope that this site provides some small measure of balm for the wounds of loss. From one bereaved parent to another, I welcome you to my site and offer my support.

This is one club that none of us would join by choice, but since we find ourselves in this unthinkable place, we stand stronger when we stand side by side.

With love and support,

Sheri Perl Migdol

The Prayer Registry

                                       The Universal Prayer Registry Prayer

 Dear _____________________ 
May the love in our hearts 
be carried directly to you. 
May you walk in the light of this love. 
May you feel the love that everywhere surrounds you, 
May your family feel yours.  
I wish you peace, light and love.

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