Healing From The Inside Out

Healing From the Inside Out tells the story of my struggle with Crohn's disease and my amazing recovery that came about through spiritual healing.

In 1967, at the age of 16, I began to suffer from Crohn’s Disease. At the time I was firmly rooted in what I now call “stage one”, a state of mind that believes that the only sound way to deal with chronic illness is through medical science alone. After two years of medical treatment the disease had progressed producing massive internal bleeding which led to two emergency surgeries and the contraction of Hepatitis C through blood transfusions. By 1971 I was very sick from the Hepatitis C virus and compromised with a deficient colon of only 4 inches. My doctors advised my parents to give money to research in the hope that a treatment would be discovered.

I had heard of a British spiritual healer when I had been sick with Crohn's Disease for only one year, however at the time my mind was totally closed to such options. I just thought it was sheer lunacy! Now, after having suffered more physical pain than I had ever dreamt possible with a second chronic disease on the rise, it occurred to me that I simply had nothing to lose. I made contact with the late spiritual healer Harry Edwards in Guildford, Surrey, England and to my amazement, within 48 hours I was literally flying with energy, something I had not experienced in years! I also experienced a tingling sensation on my right side in the liver area and my spirits were lifted immensely. In two weeks I had the first set of blood tests to show significant improvement in 7 months. You can imagine my excitement!

Within six months time my blood tests appeared normal in range and I was elated. I decided at that time that I had been healed and that I didn’t need to interact with western medicine any longer. Thus I planted new roots in what I now call “stage two”, a state of mind that believes that the only sound way to deal with chronic illness is through spiritual healing alone and traditional medicine was to be avoided at all costs. I remained in “stage two” for quite a while, from approximately 1973 all the way to 1989. During this time I would see a dentist and I did occasionally see a medical doctor as well, but I prided myself on managing my own health care. I educated myself about all forms of alternative healing starting with the teachings of Harry Edwards himself, and moving outward from there to everything from mediumship and life after death to nutrition and homeopathy.

By 1974 I became a regular member of Jane Robert’s ESP classes and had the opportunity, through Jane’s mediumship to see a real live demonstration of life after death. Every week to my amazement Seth, (the spirit who spoke through Jane) would come through and speak to the class and I became more and more convinced that death was not an end but a doorway into somewhere else. Seth also exposed me to the idea that our thoughts are powerful and can shape our experience and that we must take responsibility for the way we think and the way we talk to ourselves. Seth made it abundantly clear that self approval and self love are critical for happiness and peace of mind.

Life went on and I married a man from Seth class making a life with him in NYC. I now held “Seth” classes in our Greenwich Village apartment as well as taught my own healing workshop. We adopted a baby boy in 1982 and then another in 1985 and although I took the boys regularly to the pediatrician, I myself was still playing ostrich when it came to medical doctors. In my classes I recommended using everything from acupuncture to herbal wraps, but doctors were to be avoided at all costs. During this time I wrote my book, “Healing From the Inside Out” and I was looking forward to seeing it lining the shelves of bookstores and me on “Sally Jessie Raphael”.

“Healing From the Inside Out” hit the market place simultaneously with a recurrence of Crohn’s Disease that hit me! It was the most devastating predicament that I could have imagined myself in! I was supposed to be the healing teacher. To me, being sick again, was a terrible failure. I was merciless with myself and stubborn in my refusal to see a doctor. I was in a lot of physical pain again, but the emotional pain was even greater.

I held out playing ostrich until a medical emergency, (a painful and life threatening bowel obstruction) forced me to seek medical attention. My doctor took one look at me and posed the question, “Why did you wait so long before coming to me?” and I was dumbfounded. Why did I wait so long? What did I have to prove?

I was hospitalized and the bowel obstruction cleared, however my soul searching had just begun. Looking back at the events that had transpired, my perspective seemed more than a little fanatical to me now. I had always looked down on people who refused to give their children necessary blood transfusions based on religious doctrines such as those held by Christian Science. I always saw that as very fanatical behavior. When Analyzing my own behavior, however, I realized that I had been rather fanatical myself and had swung from one end of the spectrum to the other: at one time working only with western medicine and at another time working only with alterative medicine. Maybe playing the extremes was just plain dangerous.

I had a lot of soul searching to do and experienced what I have heard referred to as “the dark night of the soul”. I felt very deflated and no longer talked openly about Harry Edwards and spiritual healing. I immersed myself in motherhood and domestic life while ceramics provided me with a creative outlet, however I carried a sadness inside me that arose out of my feelings of failure. It really undermined my confidence to come to terms with the fact that even though I thought I knew so much about healing, I had not been able to keep myself well and in the end had needed to return to medical doctors.

It took me a few years to make my peace, but finally from studying a combination of sources I began to see a way out of my dilemma. I realized that the young girl took refuge in “stage two” because she was so terrified of what had happened to her in “stage one”. What she didn’t realize at the time however, was that there was a path down the middle, a way to navigate that doesn’t exclude anything that might help. I call this “stage three” and it’s a relief to have made it out of both stages one and two!

In “stage three” you are free to mix the modalities using everything from western medicine to Chinese acupuncture!

If you would like to order a copy of my book, “Healing From the Inside Out” which chronicles my years of illness and miraculous healing experience with Harry Edwards, contact me at: sheriperl@gmail.com. The books sell for $20.00, which includes the shipping and handling.

Below see attached pictures of Harry Edwards. The third attached picture is me with Harry in 1973 when I finally flew to England to meet him. This was after I was already well. The healing took place remotely!