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Sheri Perl --- EVP Researcher 

Welcome to my website and the home of The Prayer Registry where our children who have passed are held in prayer every year on the anniversary day of their passing. I lost my son Daniel to an overdose of alcohol and prescription drugs on July 1, 2008. It is to him and all the other beloved children on the other side that this registry is dedicated. To register a child with The Prayer Registry fill out the form just below The Prayer Registry Calendar which you find by hitting on The Prayer Registry link on the search bar just to the left . There is no fee to register a child for prayer. 

It has come to my attention that occasionally  people unsubscribe from the Prayer Team email addresss list unknowingly and do not know why they are no longer receiving announcements. If this should happen to you, simply fill out the form again.

My Story: In 1967 at 16 years of age I began to suffer from Crohn’s Disease, an inflammatory bowel disease. At the time I did not believe in anything spiritual. I pursued only traditional western medicine. By 1969 I was so ill from the Crohn's that I needed blood transfusions from which I contracted the Hepatitis C virus. By 1971, I was terribly ill from a combination of both illnesses when I made contact with a British Spiritual Healer named Harry Edwards. 

Overnight I began to get well. I was absolutely amazed. I had contacted Mr. Edwards purely out of desperation and did not expect anything to happen at all. Was I ever surprised and delighted!  The complete story of my illness and healing is contained in my book HEALING FROM THE INSIDE OUT AND THE OUTSIDE IN: http://amzn.to/2jmfMb5.

I now work with Harry Edwards who made the crossing into the realm of the Spirit in 1976. Harry and his team of Spirit doctors assist in helping those who are ill in the body or in the mind. To request Distant Healing contact me at sheriperl@gmail.com and let me know a little bit about the trouble for which help is needed. Also include your name, your age, your location, a diagnosis if you have one and anything else that you think is pertinent. 

In 1974 I began to study with the medium Jane Roberts attending her weekly ESP classes where her communicating entity called Seth came through and spoke to the students. It was fascinating to witness this demonstration of life after death by this very prolific and entertaining spirit, who would tease us by saying, “Death speaks with a loud voice." As a young woman, I came to understand that there is a very real realm of spirit where we each continue on and that there is nothing to fear in death. 

I have remained steadfastly interested in spirituality with an emphasis on spiritual healing and mediumship. and have studied with wonderful teachers. My interest was out of fascination, a desire to know what would happen to me after I passed and to stay connected to my father and healer who both passed in 1976.  I had no idea that many years later I would lose a son and that the information gathered over the years would be my greatest help!   

Since the death of my son Danny in 2008 my healing work has focused a great deal on bereavement and helping the bereaved to connect-up with their loved ones in spirit. My book "Lost and Found---A Mother Connects-Up With Her Son In Spirit" was written to help others see how close spirit is to us and how we can cultivate a relationship with those we love who are now on the other side. You can purchase a copy of that book at: bit.ly/3DOtsCh

I host numerous meetings both online and in my home for the supportive healing of the bereaved. I also maintain a distant healing prayer circle for those in need. In 2016 I began to record the voices of spirit through electronic voice phenomenon and now do readings for those who need to connect-up with their loved ones in spirit. 

List of Degrees and Creedentials 

In May of 2000, I was ordained into the Interfaith Ministry under "Sanctuary of the Beloved," an incorporated, non-denominational church in New York State and in the United States, by the Reverend Daniel Chesbro.

In 2006 I received my masters degree in Therapeutic Counseling from The Open International University for Complementary Medicines ("OIUCM"), a post-graduate university with the goal of promoting the integration of all medicines, upholding a 1962 United Nations declaration that a "global strategy be developed for public health using all curative methods available, both orthodox and traditional."

In 2007 I received my doctoral degree from OIUCM. These degrees were granted based on credits given for notable contributions in the field of complementary medicine (i.e. my book, Healing From The Inside Out, my Interfaith Coming of Age Program for Teens, my Personal Distant Healing Log Book, and my CD, “Sheri Perl’s Five-Phase Healing Program”).  

In 2010 I was re-ordained into OUNI (Order of Universal Interfaith) as an interspiritual/interfaith cleric and minister. This ordination is much like the former. For both I took sacred vows to do service in the world. I am also a member of The Community of the Mystic Heart, soon to be on the web. This is a global group open to  anyone committed to doing service in the world.    

If Interested in booking an EVP reading contact Sheri at sheriperl@gmail.com


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