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What Is Remote Healing?

posted May 14, 2010, 3:30 PM by Sheri Perl   [ updated May 26, 2010, 1:08 PM ]

Think of the fact that television waves exist in the atmosphere all around us, but you need a TV for reception to take place.  With your TV, you capture the waves and see a picture.  Distant healing works somewhat the same way.  Our spirit acts as a receptor within our physical body for the healing directed from spirit doctors.

In my book, “Healing From the Inside Out”, I write about how I contacted a spiritual healer in England, by the name of Harry Edwards who miraculously helped me to heal from the symptoms of Hepatitis C.   When I first contacted Mr. Edwards I was surprised to learn that he intended to help me across a great distance.  I was not required to come to England and he was not going to come to the United States.  He called this “absent” healing for I would be absent from his physical space.  There would be no actual touch at any time.  The healing would be directed through his thoughts and prayers.  Later it became popular to call this “distant” healing and now the term most commonly used is “remote” healing.  They all mean the same thing: the healing is carried out through a means that is not physical, and it does not require the body of the patient to be near the healer.  So, how is this accomplished?

According to Mr. Edwards, he did not do this work along, but was guided and assisted by “spirit doctors” also called “spirit guides”, who at his request, would carry out the healing.  Mr. Edwards often said that if there was one thing he had learned from his work as a spiritual healer it was that spirit definitely goes on after the death of the physical body.

From his vantage point, the healing process was very simple.  Mr. Edwards would enter into what he called a “state of attunement” in which his thoughts and prayers for his patients could be heard by the spirit doctors.  As he explained it, there is no time or distance in the spirit world, so a spirit can travel anywhere on earth in no time.  According to Harry, he would communicate to the spirit doctors the “who”and “where’ and “what” of the problem, and the spirit doctors would then carry out the healing. 

We can respond to energy directed to us from a spirit doctor because there is a spiritual component inside each of us.  This component is our spirit or soul.  Mr. Edwards believed that, through the demonstration of spiritual healing, people would understand that they have a spirit within them, that this spirit will live on, and that there is nothing to fear in death.  He believed that if people understood this, they could relax quite a bit and live happier, more peaceful lives.  He devoted his life to healing the sick and teaching these truths.

After I experienced remote healing first hand, feeling both energy and health returning to my body, I knew that this kind of spiritual transmission was possible! I also realized that there was much more to life than I could actually see with my physical eyes, and from then on I was drawn to study the unseen world and how it relates to this one.  Recommended reading: The Healing Intelligence, by H. Edwards.