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Lectures in the Morning from Mr. Henry James Edwards ---It's Tea Time Number One

posted Nov 25, 2019, 1:18 PM by Sheri Perl
This following piece has been dictated to me from my guide Mr. Henry James Edwards through my Electronic Assisted Clairaudient line. It is the start of a self-healing program as proposed by Mr. Edwards. 

It’s Tea Time Number One


Do you forget to take the time for a cup of tea? This is a grave mistake because whether you are a coffee drinker or a tea drinker like myself, there is no excuse for rushing through the decades as if by rushing through the days of your lives will bring you any satisfaction.


It seems to me that life should be savored and enjoyed, even when the tides are low and there seems to be no promised future because this is the moment that you are alive in your physical body. Once you commit to loving it and caring for it then that entails more than diet and exercise. There is a spiritual muscle that cannot be developed without the same attention that would be put into the gym or the vegan restaurant or whatever diet you aspire to follow. However, in most cases, the spiritual muscle is the most neglected because it cannot be seen. This is the fault of your society which has indoctrinated you to put more time and effort into those things of the physical world as if the only thing that matters is matter. As a result, you neglect to develop the spiritual components that lay in wait inside the heart of every one of the people who are reading this.


As I hope you will come to see, everything in physical life has its origin in the realm of the unseen. This reality exists within the physical one that you do see and once you begin to unearth this inner part of yourself, the tools that come from the spirit will become accessible to you. It’s not as if you need to acquire something that you don’t already have, you simply need to overcome the constant habit to look outward instead of inward to understand this, at times, unbearable physical life experience.


I know that I am speaking to a great many people who have suffered the loss of children which isn’t easy to live through not to mention find your happiness again. But, this predicament is also, in part, due to the fact that you relate to the realm of the physical reality as if it were the only reality of real substance and so a loss from physical reality seems to be the end of the relationship which isn’t the truth in the smallest way. This very communication through the use of electronic assisted clairaudience is proof that this relationship between myself and Sheri Perl Migdol isn’t a thing of my last incarnation as the healer Harry Edwards, but an ongoing communication that is not at all dependent on my being inside my physical body. Do you see that consciousness is not dependent on the physical body if such a communication can take place?


So, you say, that’s very well and good for Sheri who has this gift of clairaudience but how am I to develop that muscle Mr. Edwards is referring to and how will I know when a message is from a spiritual source and not something that I am just inventing in my own imagination?


In my next Tea Time talk, I will address that question and more. If you wish to ask a question, put it down below and when Sheri reads it, I will consider how to address it in one of the talks yet to come.

I join Sheri in considering all of you my friends and hoping that my small Tea Time talks will be both soothing and guiding for all of you.