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Has Anyone Heard of Psychic Surgery?

posted Apr 24, 2010, 4:27 PM by Sheri Perl   [ updated Apr 24, 2010, 4:28 PM ]

Psychic surgery is probably the most challenging form of healing for the western mind to wrap itself around.  It’s one thing to accept the existence of non physical energy which is mobile and can even interpenetrate the human body and promote healing. Since we all recognize that radio and television waves exist in the atmosphere unseen, most of us can accept the presence of unseen things. However,  the idea of a procedure in which a physical body is opened without producing pain, and without the use of any anesthetic, is pretty hard to imagine.  And that’s just the beginning, for with psychic surgery the hands of the healer enter the body of the patient, clearing out tissues that are undesirable.  Often the healer will ask you if you would like to see what he has taken out of you, (I know, because I’ve seen it, and it looked like chopped meat in a jar to me!) after which the wound closes leaving no scar.

I first learned about  psychic surgery in 1971 when an article was published in”The Spiritual Healer”, a quarterly journal that was written at the healing sanctuary of Harry Edwards, in Guildford, Surrey England.   It centered around a man named John Sutton who had traveled to the Philippines in order t receive treatment from one of the surgeons there, for a very serious heart condition.  I was shocked and full of disbelief regarding what the article said, for John himself described his surgery as a painless experience.  That, in and of itself, to a girl who had suffered greatly from abdominal surgery for Crohn’s, seemed completely unbelievable.  However, l had also recentlay undergone a most miraculous healing  through the work of Harry Edwards and his team of healing spirits, (see “My Healing Experience” at sheriperl.com) and so I knew that anything was possible.  I also knew that Harry Edwards was the real thing and that if  he allowed this information to be published in his sanctuary’s magazine, that it simply had to be true.  And so, as far fetched as it was, I was indeed curious.  To this end I read many books.  As most of the psychic surgeons I read about lived and worked in the Philippine Islands, I used to say that if I ever got sick again, I was going there!

I never did travel to the Philippines, but I was given opportunity to be treated by psychic surgeons here in this country and following is a short description of what I experienced.

About 15 years ago I was having some trouble again with my Crohn’s Disease.  I remember that I was living with pain on a daily basis.  It wasn’t out of control as it had been back in my teens, (For copies of “Healing From the Inside Out” contact me) but it was disturbing.  A good friend of mine named Annette, who also works in the healing arts, called to tell me about a man named Reverend Joshua who was a psychic surgeon from the Philippines and was holding private healing sessions in Manhattan.  Since I was living with pain and had much curiosity about what I had heard, I decided to conjure up the courage to go.  I figured that after being through traditional surgical procedures, this couldn’t be too bad.

Reverend Joshua was a young man.  I don’t remember much about what he did.  I was too scared to ask him anything.  I don’t remember taking off my clothes or much about it.  What I remember is this:  His hands immediately went directly to the place where I was having the pain and it felt like he was pressing on the spot and he looked at me and almost angrily, (at least it felt a bit angry to me) said, “YOU KNOW BETTER THAN THIS!”  I wasn’t sure at the time what he meant.  I remember gathering up my purse and paying some woman and leaving, not quite sure if I’d been yelled at or not.

I drove home, and as I got off the highway back in the small country-like town of Hastings-on-Hudson, I was mesmerized by the beauty of the nature around me. Never had the trees and the grasses and the flowers looked so mesmerizing.  I found myself in a state of grace, for I felt in love with everything.  It was such a pronounced lift in my emotional state that I was floored.  And another wonderful thing happened.  I didn’t have any pain at all for 3 months.  It was beyond anything I could have imagined.

Although I never heard about Reverend Joshua again, about 7 years ago, my dear friend and colleague Reverend Dr. Joyce Liechenstein introduced me to Brother Gregorio, who aside from being a delightful person, is also a psychic surgeon from the Philippines.   Joyce had gone to him many years back when her internist alerted her to a cyst that she didn’t want to deal with through traditional medical means.  She walked out of her internist’s office, thought out loud, “God, I don’t do surgery” and shortly after that she was introduced to Greg, (as we call him) and underwent treatment with him.  The results were positive in that the cyst began to shrink and shortly after  disappeared.  In time Joyce became good friends with Greg and he invited her to his home in the Philippines to witness his work.  Joyce will tell you, because she saw everything, that there is no trickery going on.  She said Greg’s hands enter the patient’s body and do bring tissues out.  There are no chicken necks being tossed around!

So when Joyce told me that Brother G was in town and doing his work out of a fellow minister’s apartment on the upper west side, I was interested.  I trust Joyce implicitly and if she was convinced of Greg’s sincerity, I was game. Although you would not call me anything but a well person, I do live with both Hepatitis C and Crohn’s Disease, as well as a colon deficienfy with only 4 inches of colon left after all the surgeries performed in 1969.  Therefore, I try to be conscientious about managing my conditions.  I keep a watch on things and take steps to help myself if I feel they are warranted.  At one time when I was under great stress and my liver tests were elevated, I pursued outpatient intravenous  treatments at The Schacter Center For Complementary Medicine twice a week for eight weeks.  Those treatments brought the elevated numbers right down.

So I made an appointment with Greg and although I was a little scared, I was even more curious.  I was told to bring a robe and a few towels and before going into the room with Greg I changed into my robe.  What struck me first was that Greg was so loving and warm.  It seemed like the sun could rise in his smile and I trusted him immediately, however as much as I dearly wanted to open my eyes and watch everything he was doing, to this day, and I have been to Greg at least 5 times, I cannot bring myself to open my eyes and watch his hands.  What I feel is pressure, no pain, and as if someone is spilling warm water onto me.  He always asks me if I want to see what he has taken out, and I always say yes.  I glance quickly into  the jar that seems to have some red tissues in it, and then just as quickly I go back to shut eye position.

Sometimes a bunch of us have lunch out with Greg after our treatments, but inevitably, by the afternoon, I am happy to rest.  Some people say that they feel wiped after a treatment but I don’t.  In terms of the benefits I have experienced, I always feel more relaxed to the point where my belly, where I usually hold most of my stress, feels soft and less on guard.  My overall energy feels increased as well as my emotional well being. I have come to think of these treatments with Brother Gregorio as “tune ups” and I hope that he will continue to bring his gifts to this country.  If anyone is interested in knowing more about making an appointment with Brother G, drop me a line in comments and I will look up the email address for his manager!

Please, if you’ve had an experience with any kind of healing that you can share with the rest of us, don’t be shy.  We can all learn from each other!

Be Well,