Four Components to Consider For Optimal Health

Four Components to Consider for Optimal Healing 

There are many components that should be considered if you are seeking to create or maintain optimal health.  Although there are some factors that we can’t do anything about, such as heredity or environmental pollution, there are many factors that we can do much about. Let’s take a look at the first category:


We all have stress in our lives.  Unless you are heading to a monastery, (and I doubt that they are totally stress-free either) you can anticipate having your share of life’s challenges.  Let’s take a look at stress management.  It is so important.  When your stress hormones are consistently elevated you are at risk for many health problems. Here are some of the things that you can do:

1.     Don't keep things bottled up inside.  Sometimes we just need someone to talk to. If you can't afford therapy, to talk to a friend

2.     Practice some kind of meditation. I have written out my favorite meditation technique, see: Healing Exercises, Focused Breathing.  If that does not work well for you, explore any meditation technique from Transcendental Meditation to Mindfulness meditation, until you find one that you can work with. 

3.     Eliminate stressors from your life whenever possible. If you are overscheduled, realize that you can say NO.  Give yourself some time for yourself. 

4.     Explore some kind of bodywork. Anything from massage to a yoga class can help you unwind tremendously.

5.     Engage in some kind of exercise. Keep in mind that you can modify any kind of exercise to suit your needs and you don’t have to bite off more than you can chew. It’s not necessary. Just do something. Even a good brisk walk will suffice.

6.     Engage in recreation. Have fun! It works wonders for your nervous system. 

7.     Learn to absorb universal healing energy through breathing, visualization and prayer, see: Healing Exercises---How to Draw In Healing Energy. 



Your outlook, the way you see yourself and what you believe about life in general has a lot to do with your state of mind.  It is imperative for any understanding of yourself that you begin to examine your personal beliefs. 

Most of our beliefs were formed in childhood and are based upon what we were told. If you had supportive and loving parents you had a much better chance of developing a healthy belief system about yourself. If, on the other hand you were raised in an unloving environment, it is extremely likely that you carry around quite a few negative assumptions about yourself and what you can expect from life. Most of us developed a mixed bag of both positive and negative beliefs.

We all know people who, for whatever reasons, are happy with themselves. These people laugh more, stress less and seem to enjoy life fully. We also know people who, for whatever reasons, are very hard on themselves, are seldom satisfied with themselves and who strive to a fault. To an outsider the reasons behind this behavior may seem mysterious but I contend that a thorough examination of the beliefs of the person in question would expose the roots of their attitudes in the beliefs that they hold.  What can one do?

1.     Learn how to observe your own thoughts. See: Healing Exercises, Focused Breathing. This meditation exercise will help you to step back from inside your “monkey mind” and observe your thoughts from a distance.  This, known as “the witness perspective" can bring your tremendous clarity.

2.     Begin to examine and define the thoughts that you observe. See: Healing Exercises---Noting and jotting. 

3.     Define your habitual thought patterns. See: Healing Exercises---Your Habitual Thought Patterns.

4.     Construct your Undermining List. See: Healing Exercises---Your Undermining List.

5.     Create Antidote Suggestions: See: Healing Exercises---Creating Antidotes

6.     Reprogram Your Mental Software: See: Healing Exercises---Using Suggestion and Affirmation to insert new belief systems.



We all know that we should eat a good balanced diet, however this is much more easily said that done. With our fast paced lifestyles and our highly processed foods we are seldom getting the nutrition we need to keep our bodies well nourished and fuel our immune systems.  What can one do?

1.     Educate yourself about nutrition and examine your typical diet. Make adjustments where needed.

2.     Consider consulting a nutritionist.  At The Schachter Center for Complementary Medicine it is common to check the blood for weaknesses and deficiencies in order to know what vitamins and minerals you are lacking.

3.     Consider supplementation.  You can raise your nutritional intake by supplementing your diet with highly nutritious supplements. I recommend Body Balance which is made by Life Force International. See: Products. Body Balance is a juice that is made from 9 different seaweed plants and the aloe vera plant. Tasting very much like a berry juice, Body Balance contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, fatty acids and bioflavonoids. Supplementation with Body Balance is one way to insure that you receive your daily allotment of vitamins and minerals in a whole food that is readily absorbable.  



It is impossible to live in the world today and not be exposed to toxins.  Half the time we don’t even know what they are, but everyday examples include pesticide residues in our food and exposure to the chemicals in cigarette smoke, air pollution, cleaning agents, lead paint, chemicals in carpeting and wood products, and even toxic mold.  What can one do?

1.     Educate yourself about toxins and discontinue using products that are harmful to you. 

2.     Test the quality of your drinking water. 

3.     Consider doing a colon cleanse once or twice a year, if indicated.

4.     Consider having a blood test to check for heavy metals and other possible toxins in the blood. 

5.     Consider treatments for toxicity, if necessary. Chelation is very successful for eliminating metals from the bloodstream.

6.     Learn about Kangen Water. See: Products


Although there are no sure-fire ways to guarantee health, if your nutrition is high, your toxicity low, your stress level under control and your basic attitude positive you stand a good chance of staying well. Many illnesses are opportunistic and find a home more easily in a host who is undernourished and over stressed. It behooves you to examine and manage these 4 steps to optimal health to the best of your ability.