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A Message to The Prayer Team from Bereaved Mom and Prayer Team Member —-Nancy Ikeler

posted Jul 16, 2013, 9:42 AM by Sheri Perl   [ updated Jul 16, 2013, 9:49 AM ]

Good morning all! I know I have been quiet in the past months but not that my heart isn’t sending love to each of you and your sweet children. This is my cue from ‘my’ Danny to share as well. Our boys are stepping us up Sheri!! 


My Danny began coming thru a friend of a friend. I admit I was skeptical at first but the info was spot on. Then he just came thru the friend. At first my heart was envious that she was feeling and hearing my beloved son all the time and enjoying a relationship with him. She had never met him in life and only knew his spirit energy which she described to me often. She is young and very beautiful and like a daughter to me. She is now in classes for using her channeling abilities. 


I realized that some of the things she would tell me about Danny I was aware of. Such as him trying to get me to go to bed when I was staying up too late. I found myself talking to him more and asking his advice more. I guess I was just acting as if he was here which was odd since he didn’t live with us when he passed and hadn’t in many years. But here is what I want to share with everyone. 


Danny had my friend make a “project" for me. She said he had her go to the store and told her exactly what to pick out to use. She came for a visit recently and gave me this amazing gift. It’s a scrapbook called “Danny’s notes for Mama Nancy". And in this book are things he’s told her he wants me to know but I wasn’t listening well enough. Yes I’m crying as I’m writing this. So as if this wasn’t enough, on the last night of her visit, she plugged her cell phone in on the nightstand. The next morning there were 2 receipts laying on the nightstand. They are both dated 2005!! His last time home was July 2005. One receipt is for gas and the other is for food. One even has his name where he swiped his bank card. We have had many many guest use that room since then and have been in it ourselves to clean and NEVER saw these receipts out in plain view on that nightstand!! I now remind myself every time I miss him that he is here with me all the time and wants me to know it and stay in communication with him. 


Sheri I will take pictures of the book and receipts and share them. My love to everyone and from my heart to yours always. Our ‘children’ are as close as our breath and love us and need us to love them with open happy hearts like we always did. Grief closes our hearts and is hard on them as well. This is the biggest challenge as parents who are walking this path. 


My email was recently hacked so I am unable to send this to the entire group. Perhaps you can pass this on to the group. 


Thank you Sheri!!! Thank you ALL! Heaven is real and real close!