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posted May 17, 2015, 5:34 AM by Sheri Perl

Sunday May 17, 2015----


There is a world of the flesh, and there is the Spirit world. When the flesh is gone the Spirit forever remains. Their voices speak to those who know how to listen.

---Wolf Clan Song---from Native American Tradition


When spirit comes around us to speak to us, how do we listen? How do we hear that which is not physical?


This is the question that we should all be asking ourselves because if there is a way for us to hear what our children have to say, we would like to know it. The problem is that it is impossible hear that which is not audible. Common sense spirituality would say that we had better find another way.


So what are our options? We read that in the Near Death Experiences, people have conversations with spirit beings without words. We are told that complete ideas tare received telepathically, and that even though no words are spoken the imparted message is very clear. 


I doubt that there is a person alive who hasn’t received both inspiration and direction from spirit. We each can remember incidents where we literally “knew” something, felt it intrinsically, but we had no idea how. How many times have you felt a strong emotion regarding a future event but ignored it, only to kick yourself later on as you thought “I knew I should have stayed away!”


Where does that “knowing” come from and why do we not realize its source?


We have been taught from an early age that the things that are real are physical and that feelings are intangible and therefore not real, not of substance. Cars are real, the body is real, metal is real. We see those things that we can touch and that hold their shape, as real and all else as insubstantial. 


Alas, my friends, I believe we’ve got it backwards. Everything physical will perish, nothing can be held on to and only that which is spirit endures: spirit endures, love endures, memory endures---all those things that are not physical, that cannot be held, yes, all those things that we consider insubstantial in physical terms.


And so, in our quest to connect-up with our children-in-spirit, it becomes imperative that we begin to switch our affiliation from the things of the earth, to the things of the spirit. It is time that we begin to shift our attachment from things that are physical to the things that we feel, and the things that we dream.


Many of you have heard me say this before. We are all spirit. Our children are discarnate spirits and we are spirit incarnate but we are all spirit. Our spirit is still focused in our physical body and our children are free of their physical bodies, but we are all spirit and that is the common denominator.  We know we can’t find our children in physical reality and so the only remaining option we have is to find them in the spirit, through that common denominator and that means learning how spirit hears.


It’s almost as if we are learning braille or some new system of attaining information but essentially it means opening yourself to a new way of listening, which is not  through your ears!


For a first step I suggest forming a new image of yourself in which spirit and it’s intrinsic nature is apparent to you. You begin to realize that spirit runs throughout your body, keeping it charged so-to-speak, with that divine spark of spirit that connects you to all other forms of spirit because in spirit there is no separation. We are each, for now, cordoned off in bodies, giving us the illusion of separateness, but it is an illusion.


And so, for the first step to open up your connection to spirit is to identity yourself as the spirit being that you are and to honor the fact that what looks out at the world through your eyes is what you are, and that those eyes that you look through are a part of a temporary lodging and not your permanent destination. Begin to identify with the consciousness that exists independent of your body, for that consciousness is what you are, what you have always been and what you will be when you make the crossing.


It is not in our best interest to identify solely with physical reality when one or more of our children are in-spirit. Of course we need to interact with our physical lives and give attention to those who are here, however, what’s to prevent us from putting a little time aside everyday to cultivate our awareness of spirit?


I love this quote from an ancient Greek text: “I am a child of earth and of starry heaven, but my real race is of heaven.”  I love to toss it around in my mind because  it wakes me up to the realization that there is a bigger picture than what we see in a physical incarnation alone. When I really allow this truth to sink in, I am filled with hope and inspiration. Alas, I am reminded that there is a bigger picture, that there is more to this than one physical life and that my child and I are a part of a greater reality in which nothing is ever lost, love least of all.


And so, I ask you for this week to identify with what you love, what you feel, and what you cannot see. Take a few minutes everyday to feel the energy that courses through your veins and know that although you cannot see it, it is what you are