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Transition To the Other Side

posted Jun 21, 2010, 12:41 PM by Sheri Perl

The following is an excerpt from a book in progress called, "Death Isn't Optional---A Travel Guide For The Other Side, By Glenn Dove and Sheri Perl:

It is Thursday, July 27, 2006. I am sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on route to Baldwin New York. There I will meet with my good friend and psychic advisor Glenn Dove, to begin work on this book. This trip is very familiar to me as I have been traveling to Baldwin at least twice a year, for almost 10 years now.  I make this trip in order to have private sessions with Glenn, who is a gifted medium.

Over the years, through Glenn’s mediumship, I have been able to connect with many loved ones on the other side. Both my father Herman Perl, who passed in 1976 and my healer/mentor Harry Edwards, who also passed in 1976, have been consistent visitors at those meetings. Many others however, have come forward to establish communication and to demonstrate the validity of their continuing existence. I refer to Glenn’s gift as my “interstellar telephone” but all joking aside, these meetings have given me a strong sense of connection as well as reassurance that no one is erased from the universe at their physical death!  

It was through these sessions that I learned of my ability to work with Harry Edwards in a spiritual healing capacity. It was also in these sessions that Glenn and I were advised and encouraged to work together to produce this book. And so today, I venture forward to sit with Glenn again. We will record the session and I will take notes. The book will be written from the material that comes through the sessions. Who will come through, what will they have to say?  I can only imagine as I excitedly make my way over the Whitestone Bridge.

I arrive at Glenn’s office just on time at 10:00 AM. We settle into chairs on either side of his desk as he puts a tape into the recorder. Glenn then says that he feels his grandfather around, his grandfather who used to come to him when he was a young boy.


Louis Cucciniello----Transition 1962---79 years old---Glenn’s maternal grandfather

 It is good to be here. I will tell you about my transition to this side. Just before I passed over my brother and my mother appeared to me. I could plainly see them in the room with me. This comforted me. When I finally did cross over, it was my mother who brought me here. She seemed younger than I had remembered her.   

The first thing that I noticed was that I could breathe freely. I had died of lung cancer and my breathing had been restricted and so I noticed this right away. I felt so relieved and I also felt light.  Leaving my body was a very liberating experience. The feeling of freedom was overwhelming.  Then, for a period of time I reunited with many loved ones who had passed on before me. I saw people from my childhood, as well as the rest of my family, including a brother who had crossed over very young. There were also people coming up to me that I had met in my life but had forgotten.  

The next thing I remember was going to a place that resembled the village where I grew up. (Glenn interjects Avalino, Italy, just outside of Naples.)  It was almost like seeing home and it felt familiar and comforting. The feelings of freedom and lightness kept overwhelming me. 

In contrast to that, there were moments when I felt like I was being pulled back, as if I was trying to walk forward while someone or something was holding me back. It was explained to me that this was caused by the people who were mourning for me. I would alternate between feeling free and then experiencing these pockets of heaviness. It is important for people to realize that we can feel everything over here. They would help us more if they mourned less. I know this is easier said than done because most of you do not understand what is ahead and so you fear that you have lost us forever. 

From a combination of things, I needed rest. I went into a sleep period.  After an undetermined amount of time I arose refreshed and this is when I started coming to Glenn. He was the easiest one for me to contact. He was able to see me in his dreams and in little daydreams throughout the day. 

Because I had some knowledge of this side, I was very taken with it. I always liked structure, things in a certain order, so everything over here sort of fit that, as well. But that doesn’t go for everyone. Everyone kind of sees things from the angle which they lived their lives. One sees a garden, another sees a ball field.   

After time passed I remember reviewing my life, which is very common.  I had some family issues to work out however I didn’t have many regrets.  There were some things that if I had the chance, I would have done differently but I really have no regrets. I spent my first chunk of time working on communicating and coming through to Glenn and others who could receive me. 

One thing I had enjoyed very much in life was music. I was not a professional musician but I did play music. As soon as I got here, I noticed immediately that everything had a vibration or a pitch to it; an etheric sound.  I was aware of it but at first I didn’t fully focus on it. After my work to come through to Glenn and establish contact, I started delving into musical tones. As I began to focus on music the sound of music became enhanced, amplified. It is fantastic because when you look at something here and you focus on it, it starts to unfold, like a flower unfolds. And so, for an undetermined amount of time I stayed in a state of exploring and enjoying sound. 

At this point it was getting close to the time for my wife to cross over.  When I first came over I had been given the option to either progress on or to wait for her. I chose to wait, to be there with her. I was the one who brought her over. It was only after that time that I started to progress on.

Glenn then commented that his grandfather was stepping back and that my father had just come in and had sat down.   


Herman Perl---Transition 1976---53 years old---Sheri’s father

I enter with greetings to you both. It was through Sheri’s healing experience that I was first exposed to spiritual thinking however, at that time in my life, I did not know what to make of it. I had very little spiritual development and even less knowledge about life after death. I was connected with business and finance when on earth and spiritual matters didn’t concern me. For me this incarnation centered on profit and loss in business. I had an entrepreneurial mentality. I have to admit that when I first got here, although it was beautiful, I didn’t take much notice of it. I was still mentally focused on business and gaining. So when I got over here the first thing I realized is that there really is no business or finance. Yet, my perception was still connected to that. It took some effort to let that go.  I had held some decent positions in life. I was not overly status conscious, but when I got over and saw that none of that existed here, I had a bit of a struggle. I had to get out of that mode entirely. 

I was aware of a tightness in my chest.  It was a feeling I had experienced in my physical body. What I realized was that the stress that I had carried, stress from the ups and downs of life and business, had damaged my body and even though my body was now gone, I was still thinking and holding on to things and I felt this tightness. I didn’t totally let myself relax. 

My first encounter was with my father. Although my family may not have been aware of this, I always carried frustration related to my father. I felt the pressure to take over where he left off. My motivational drive had to do with my father, and that is why he was the one to come to me first. It was my father that actually sat with me and had to almost wake me up. He said, “Look, this is where you are.” And yet I knew I was there. 

I had been a young man of 16 when my father died and from that point on I felt that I had to achieve, to take care of everyone. I took this heavy burden on my shoulders and because I did, I achieved. My father took the backpack off my shoulders and said, “Look, you put this on, I didn’t put this on.” 

My life review happened when I was with my father.  We sat together and had numerous conversations. At some point I realized that I didn’t have to carry this burden any longer.

Once I realized that, I felt enormous relief and exhilaration. It felt as if something was coming up from my feet right through my body, and out the top of my head…as if somebody shot a fountain through me. And I experienced lightness of breathing and everything around me actually got lighter and richer in depth and color. It was as if someone had opened the lens of the camera another notch and the color got richer, deeper. I was exhilarated. I felt like I had been shot out of a cannon.   

From that point I began to move forward.  There were many choices of things I could do, but I wanted to work through others who were here and to work through some personal problems. I did have knowledge to help people achieve so I came around to help assist people. I found that I naturally wanted to come through and therefore I connected with Sheri who is very open to connecting with me, and others on this side.