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The Truth of Life After Death As Expressed by Michael Roll

posted Feb 11, 2017, 8:17 PM by Sheri Perl   [ updated Feb 11, 2017, 8:34 PM ]

I will tell you about my experience with a fully developed materialisation medium back in 1983. Can you begin to imagine my thoughts on my way back from Leicester to Bristol after being physically reunited with my “dead” father?


I thought that all I would have to do would be to send my report to a newspaper and that in a very short time millions would know that losing a loved one was only a temporary tragedy. How wrong I was. I just did not realise back then just how badly the truth upsets very powerful people at the top with a great deal to lose from the scientific case for survival after death.


For example, the whole of the religious establishments throughout the world. They have a lucrative monopoly on the vast life after death industry. They all know very well that nobody is going to pump money at them when millions of people find out that it is a scientific fact that every person survives the death of their physical body without any help from priests. This is why the pope said to Professor Stephen Hawking, “I don’t care what you do in science just as long as you never encroach on my subject, life after death.”


Then there is the fact that orthodox scientific teaching across the world, across every discipline, is locked into Einstein’s hopelessly outdated 1915 General Theory of Relativity – when you are dead, you’re dead. However, one genuine scientist (Latin for seeker after knowledge) did take action on my report that even the Spiritualists blocked for many years before they eventually published. Spiritualism is an officially recognised one-god religion.


The head of astronomy at Glasgow University, Professor Archie Roy, came and spent a whole day with me in Bristol. Please refer to his letters to me on my website, Correspondence Section dated 1983. He was about to go in with the infra-red cameras and capture on film six recently deceased people proving that they are still very much alive. A psychologist on his team sabotaged Professor Roy’s experiments in order to keep the old-boy network intact – money flowing in the “right” direction.


Maybe the time is right to send this to newspapers again. It sure beats having to ‘rest in peace’ in the ground having to wait for the second coming of the Christian God – Judgement Day – before anything can happen.


Michael Roll


In the 1930’s my mother came across Arthur Findlay’s book ‘On The Edge Of The Etheric’ linking the study of survival after death with natural and normal forces in the universe. Subatomic physics, forces in nature that are just out of range of our five physical senses. This changed mother’s whole outlook on life, and as she named me after Arthur Findlay in 1938, it also set me up for the rest of my life after I had made a careful study of the subject. As a young man Arthur Findlay had taken the fear of death away from me.


As I am now coming towards the end of my stay on Earth I look upon the death of my physical body as a tremendous adventure. I know that I will be immediately reunited with all the people that I have loved on Earth during the time that I have been locked into a physical space suit. Not to mention a whole stack of cats.


In 1983 I took part in experiments with a materialisation medium. This type of medium does not just give evidence of survival, they are able to give the crushing scientific proof, because at one of these experiments all five senses are working – sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. Every time this medium gave a demonstration six recently deceased people materialised. They were just as solid and as natural as when they were on Earth. Full reports of what I witnessed can be found on my website, The Campaign For Philosophical Freedom:


Every time this medium, Rita Goold from Leicester, gave a demonstration, the former Scottish medium Helen Duncan materialised and acted as a sort of etheric master of ceremonies. I am not being gullible here because just before I went to Leicester the journalist Alan Cleaver had carried out a first class scientific experiment. He had reunited the “dead” Helen Duncan with her daughter on Earth, Gena Brealey. Reference ‘The Cleaver Report’ on my website.


At my first visit to Leicester Arthur Findlay materialised and gave me a hug. He confirmed that he was working with me all the time. I told him that I knew this must be true because I was not clever enough to write what I do. I left school at 16 only just able to read and write. Please note my father materialised at this experiment. There is no way he would let me down. Therefore it is a safe bet that the materialised Arthur Findlay was genuine.


The next person to materialise was Russell Byrne who died of cancer at the age of nine. He has been physically reunited with his parents Gwen and Alf on something like 100 repeatable experiments. Russell said to me that as I was coming back next week with my mother, was there anybody over here that I would like him to get. I said that I would love to meet my father again who passed over in 1967. Russell said that if my dad is over there he will try and “dig him out.”


Sure enough the following week I was reunited with my father in 1983, still very much alive. He was also reunited with my mother. This is no longer all too good to be true because vital discoveries in physics have been deliberately blocked from coming to the attention of people throughout the world in order to keep the old-boy network intact.


Thanks to the Internet people can now Google the proof that Sir William Crookes carried out repeatable experiments under laboratory conditions proving that we all have a soul that separates from the dead physical body. These are his 1874 experiments with the materialisation medium Florence Cook. He published the results of his experiments in ‘The Quarterly Journal of Science’. Crookes was later made the president of The Royal Society and awarded ‘The Order of Merit’.


In 1933 Sir Oliver Lodge gave a cosmological location for the spiritual part of the universe with his lecture ‘The Mode of Future Existence’. This now fits in with what scientists refer to as the missing 95% of the universe. We now know that this is the spiritual part of the universe that Sir William Crookes discovered in 1874.


The mysterious force of gravity is no longer a mystery. Gravity is the force of nature  that is coming from the spiritual part of the universe. It is keeping all the oceans from flying off into space. It also makes suns, planets and moons round. Just like we make a snowball round by applying outside pressure.


Michael Findlay Roll