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The Prayer Registry for November

posted Apr 24, 2010, 3:42 PM by Sheri Perl

October has passed and we received positive confirmation that our prayers for Joshua Dapp on October 4, were indeed received by Josh and appreciated.  He used the word “uplifted” to describe the effect that the prayers had on him.  This was told to his mother, Ruth, through the mediumship of Glenn Dove.  It gave all of us who were involved in linking up in prayer for Josh such a wonderful feeling.

As parents, we are always doing things for our children.  It is so difficult after they pass to break that habit.  The beauty of prayer, we are learning, is that it is actually  experienced by our loved ones on the other side in very positive ways.  My Danny has described it as catching rides.  What a relief for me to learn that there is still something I can do for Danny!

October 22 would have been Dan’s 24th birthday so October holds its own bittersweet taste.  I knew, however, that it would feed my soul to have an Interstellar Phone call to Danny and so I set up an appointment with Glenn Dove.  The session was wonderful and as Glenn described what Dan was saying I could sense his growth and the realness of the communication.  Dan described what his challenges had been and how he is addressing them now.  It all made sense.  I was especially happy to hear that he has been receiving and benefitting from prayers stemming from prayer lists that he has been placed on by people that neither he nor I know.  He said that from the efforts that I am putting out here, ripples are being made that are spreading outward and touching others that I am not even aware of.  I’m so grateful for that and even more grateful to know that these prayers help!  That is such a good thing. I urge all of you reading this to please let me know who you are and to PLEASE register your loved ones for the Prayer Registry.

NOVEMBER 23, 2009—Githa Ong

Please join me and the Ong family on November 23, 2009 in sending prayers and thoughts of love out to Githa Rosanna Ong.  Githa passed on November 23, 2003 when Childhood Leukemia claimed her life at age 25.  Githa was kind, beautiful, talented, highly intelligent, athletic, musical, full of life and enthusiasm, a beloved daughter, sister and friend.  She was one of those bright stars that shines so brightly they light up the space wherever they are.

There will be more information about Githa Rosanna throughout the month.  I invite any of you, especially those who know Githa, to add your comments as well.

May your week be peaceful,