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The Prayer Registry

posted Apr 24, 2010, 3:21 PM by Sheri Perl

The Prayer Registry

Joshua Dapp

October 4, 2008

Please link up in thought with me and the entire Dapp family on October 4, 2009, to send out thoughts of love and care to Joshua, on this day that marks one year of his passing.   I do not believe that it is necessary for us to synchronize our watches, so don’t worry about the time.  Just remember to think of Joshua on this day and to say a prayer for him.

The Prayer Registry was started by me after my son Danny confirmed how greatly he was helped by prayers that were directed to him from a prayer list that was activated the day he died.  Through the mediumship of Glenn Dove, Dan has been able to communicate about many things, but foremost amongst them was the value of prayer and the power of group prayer.

When we rolled around to the year anniversary of Danny’s death, my husband suggested that we ask all of our friends to link up in prayer with us for Danny and it felt very supportive and positive and helped us get through the day.  But it was Dan who described the effect of the prayers as “catching rides” and since he loved to ride in the car, the implication is that the prayers carried him forward.  It then occurred to me to set up a registry where parents can list their child’s name and date of passing and it can be posted for all to see.  The idea is to create a force of parents who are willing to take  minute out of their busy days to send a thought of love to support another’s child who has passed.   In return their child will receive the same prayers.  I will continually post the names of the kids and the dates as they approach and hopefully, in time, we will be a prayer force so powerful that we will be lifting and supporting  kids as they continue to learn and grow on the other side.

Joshua Dapp—–October 4, 2008

Josh fought a hard battle with Cancer.  He was brave and courageous and learned so much from the experience.  His mother, Ruth, stayed by his side day and night both at home and in the hospital.  They have always shared a close mother/son bond.  When I learn how to post your comments correctly, you will be able to read what Ruth has shared.  And I ask all of you to please share your thoughts as well.  (I promise to figure out how to get your comments posted.)  But, for now I will share with you Ruth’s request that you link up in prayer with us for her beautiful son Josh on October 4.

On behalf of the entire Prayer Registry, I thank you!

Be Well and say hi!



To register your child in the Prayer Registry simply give me the name of your child and the date of his or her passing.  You can leave that information here under comments, or send the information to me at my email address: