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Terrible and Wonderful All At The Same Time

posted Apr 24, 2010, 4:06 PM by Sheri Perl   [ updated Jun 9, 2010, 3:30 PM ]

PRAYER TEAM!  It’s terrible that so many of us have lived to bury a child but it’s wonderful that we can still connect up with them!

As I always say, this is one club that nobody in their right mind would join by choice, but as we find ourselves in this unthinkable situation, thank God we are finding ways to connect up. Some of you have written to me that you connect up through dreams. Others talk about actual physical signs. I hear such funny remarks in my head sometimes, remarks that are so typical of my son that I just assume at this point that it is, at the very least, Danny influencing my thoughts. Especially when he says, “Mom, you are so dramatic” or, “You're a gossip.”

What helps me a lot is to have occasional sessions with reputable sincere, mediums. I’ve been present at privates sessions, group sessions, billet readings and phone readings and in each session, if the medium is a true one, Dan makes his presence known. He goes out of his way to confirm the ideas I sense on my own and in that way I gain confidence in my ability to let Dan in on my own. Here’s a perfect example: It was around the holidays and I was shopping for gifts. My older son Aaron has a lovely girlfriend named Erin. While in the local jewelry shop I thought I felt Dan around and I had the impression that he wanted me to buy Erin the gift of  a gold heart necklace. I felt it so strongly that I simply had to comply.  A few weeks later I was attending a group session with the gifted medium Roland Comtois. Aaron, Erin and my husband Jerry were present with me. If you are lucky, sometimes Roland has a message for you that he has already written out on lilac construction paper even before the session begins. At one point he handed me a paper and on it he had drawn the picture of a necklace with a heart on a chain. ”Who is the necklace for?” Roland asked. I pointed to Erin who was sitting across the room. ”She is wearing it” I said, and pointed to Erin who gladly showed it to the room. ”Well” Roland responded, “He says, good job mom.  You got it right!”  I was so damn excited.

I know that it is not practical or even healthy for any of us to get hooked on mediums, but sometimes a little “interstellar telephone” can be so reassuring and satisfying. In our case, because Dan always had and still has such a great sense of humor, we find that we are laughing through our tears. As Roland said, “I know you’re sad, but this boy has got a sense of humor!”

If you haven’t ever sat with a medium, do be sure you are in safe hands, but I recommend it.  Wherever you live Glenn Dove is available for phone session. To make an appointment call, (516) 223-2567 and speak to Amy.  Tell her Sheri Perl sent you!  I believe the price is now $180.00 for a session.

So, TEAM, I am introducing some new kids that were registered today or yesterday by their moms.

1.  Lazaro Perez—11/13/10—registered by his mom, Milly Perez

2.  Elizabeth Cornes—”Busy Lizzy”— 2/25/07—registered by her mom, Leslie

3.  Christine Susan Lo Porto—8/7/09—registered by her mom, Susan Dandorf

4.  Brandon Allen Beckley—4/14/07—registered by his mom, Mary Beckley

5.  Michael Darren Heidt—4/15/07—registered by his mom, Denise Sydor

Welcome all of you and your children to the Prayer Registry.  All of us on the Prayer Team thank you for joining our mission to send prayers and thoughts of love out to each of our deceased children on the anniversary days of their deaths. We believe that these prayers are powerful and positive and surround our children with light and love. We are glad to see the TEAM grow, as we believe there is strength in numbers!  Welcome, welcome, welcome and please, let us hear from you.

From one bereaved parent to another, I send my love outward!