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Sheri’s Private Billet Reading with Medium Reverent Hoyt Robinette. April 30, 2010

posted Jun 28, 2010, 10:21 AM by Sheri Perl   [ updated Jun 28, 2010, 6:03 PM ]

The following is the written transcript from the recording I made of my session with the medium Hoyt Robinette. It is very exciting to hear Dan talk about The Prayer Registry.  

Robinette: Okay, alright. I do hear that name though. It’s a last name. It’s not a first name. So it’s Edwards. 

Sheri: Yes, correct.

Robinette:  The name I’m hearing called to me and you might know there’s lots of love with this one because you put it, you put it down in here? You put it down with love and so the love comes back to you. It’s ever returned. You know you give love and it doesn’t’ come back with meanness or hatred anything else, it comes back with love. It’s like the circuit, the full circuit: you give love it comes back to you. In a relationship with spirit, in that relationship as well. Anyway, I feel that these are here with you. I want to say that there’s um, Marie, no, Marie, that is here with you, it’s said in such a way that it sounds like Mary but it’s Marie. Marie is here with you, Curie, Curie, Madame Curie is here with you so I’ll say this is one who is close to you and I feel like that this is good, and I want to say there is another who goes by the name of Herman who is here with you, or somebody named Larry or Harry, Harry.

Sheri: Yes, that is the first name of Edwards.

Robinette: All right. All right. This one is here with you. I guess you’ve got everybody. He says, “Quite the healer, quite the healer she is.” So know that he is here with you. He says, “I’m going to continue to be with you and I’m going to help you through any and all of your difficulties but I’m going to continue to give that energy that you so need. I’m going to make your energy above all of my, of importance to, above any others. That does not mean that I am gong to withdraw my energy from any or all others but I’m going to give you the priority, if you will.

Sheri:  Thank you thank you.

Robinette: So I feel like that these folks are here and there are some others. I’ll tell you who the others are in a little while, and I feel like that this is good. It seems to me that you do a very, very important thing for a lot of people.  You help a lot of people It’s a far-reaching ministry. That’s what it is. It’s not just a service or a job you do, it’s a ministry and it’s far reaching and it helps people there and there and there and then the ones here, so it’s like a complete range, it helps a lot of people and I feel like that this is good, so we help you to accomplish that and that’s a good, good thing. Mother Theresa says, “I join this too because it’s a healing, it’s a healing that ministry which we are involved in and it helps to help heal people’s hurt, their heart and when their heart is not ailing then their body is not.  So, I’m helping you to accomplish that because we reach many, many people with it. We maybe reach one who will know about it but that one will give it many others because,” she says, “you know the pebble never has just one effect. It reaches out very far. Those are all pebbles, the people who hear of or know of your ministry, so this is good. And we will likely help you for all the days or your life with this.”

Seems to me like there’s another one here who wants to speak with you. There’s another, I don’t know if I should say a guide, I don’t know exactly who that would be but there’s another who will tell me momentarily, uh, uh, Daniel Daniel,

Sheri:  Yes!

Robinette:  Okay, Daniel is here. Who is this?

Sheri: My son.

Robinette:  Okay, Daniel. He says, “I have no doubt that you have the worst memory of anybody” he says, “because I was just in here! I was just here” (My husband Jerry had the session right before me and of course Dan had just been there). I don’t remember anything, yet he was here just a moment ago, anyway he’s here and he says “I’m happy to let you know that I’m free and I’m happy and I’m well.”

Sheri:  Good baby.

Robinette:  “I knew that you would want to know that because that was one of your greatest worries, your greatest challenges in this life and I knew you would want to know that what you gave to me was invaluable to me. And I’ve taken all of it with me and I know everything now. I know everything. I used to think that I would. “One day,” I said,  “I’ll know everything” and I had no idea how I would know that. I didn’t know I meant it this way but as it turns out, that’s how I meant it. I know it in my soul and not with my super brain.”

Sheri:  That’s okay Dan. That’s how I know it too.

Robinette:  So this is good, um, um and with prayer, with prayer all things are possible, all things are possible with prayer, not just one or say another, and maybe this one but all, all things are possible and you are helping to make that reality to many people who never gave it a thought, who never gave it a thought before.

Sheri: Well they are now!

Robinette: They’ve got some thinking going now.

Sheri: good.

Robinette:  So this is good. Reaching out to people who have found themselves, who find themselves in the same place that you have been or even maybe that you currently are in, the situation or life situations; you reach out to those people because you can’t really give to anybody unless you’ve had it yourself.  You can’t say “Oh, I know where you’re coming from.”

Sheri:  If you don’t know.

Robinette: If you haven’t been there; if you’re not maybe there right now, of if you have been there yesterday, or some yesterdays ago, you can’t reach out till you can say well, I uh…You may say, “Oh I know, it must be difficult. I’ve never been through that, but I know it must be difficult and I’ll give you all the support that’s necessary, the healing or the prayer or the prayer that brings the healing, give you that.” But it’s so much more powerful when you can say, “I know because I’ve been there.”

Sheri:  Yeah! That’s why my life’s been so tough huh?

Robinette:  So that you can gain those experiences.  So that you can say, “You can’t tell me anything. I know it already. I can tell you that I’ve been there and I know what tomorrow will bring for you. So I know what it is, and it’s like… “Aaahhh…wow…okay” and they want to give their heart to you for that moment, they will give their heart to you and sometimes they want to cry.

Sheri:  Oh yeah.

Robinette:  and that’s good, that’s good, cleanse yourself, do it. And sometimes they want to ask why or they want to ask why or they want to…

Sheri: Pound their fist.

Robinette:  Pound their fist and say “Why him? Why Me?”  But, well….

Sheri:  Why not?

Robinette:  Yeah, why not?  Why not? You know, it’s like Dan says, “Same with me.”  He says, “You know, if you ask why Dan? It’s because Dan was finished.” He was finished with his mission, what he had to accomplish. He said, “You know, it’s just one of those things.” He said, “If you’re one or if you’re one hundred” he said, “when you get finished, then you die because you’ve got other things to do.” He says, ”It’s not just this idle man of, you know, this little one lifetime, it’s a constant both here and there. You know if you’re here,” oh he’s talking about if you’re here meaning in the spirit, “or if you’re there in the living, it’s the same thing: learning and growing, learning and growing, and then when you’ve learned all you can here in spirit, you go back and take all of your knowledge with you and give it to the people you come in contact with, and get from them and then when you’ve gained it all, do it again. Back and forth” so he said “I was finished.” It just makes such good sense to me now. If he or anybody else would have told me that before I would have said, out of your mind.  But I know now, so good. That’s a good, good thing. What else do you want to ask?

Sheri:  I’d like to ask him how it is that he assists with The Prayer Registry.  Does he round up the kids on that side? He had said through Roland Comtois, that he tries to see that the prayers go where they need to be. I’ve organized a Prayer Registry and parents who’ve lost children register with me. It’s a free service and then I put the calendar online and all the members of the Prayer Team, (that’s the parents who pray) we go online and see which child passed on what day and on the anniversary day of their crossing we all link up in prayer and send prayers out and Dan and another boy, Joshua Dapp, have come through mediums to say that they have felt the prayers, that they uplifted them and to thank us. Then he came through and said he helps to carry this out. I’d like to know a little bit more about that.

Robinette:  How he helps to carry?…helping to carry it out means to bring it all together.  He said it could be a futile effort if we’re not brought together but he says bringing the prayers to the correct…and he said the prayer is just energy, just energy that’s brought to the recipient and most importantly, like it is for you, brought to you too, brought to the parents. Because he said, “You know, truth told, I needed some help, I needed some guidance and some prayer after my passing but, he said, “the one who needed it most was you. We make sure it’s given where it needs to be most. If that boy or girl who has passed needs it a lot because of their confusion then they get the lion’s share of it. If on the other hand the mother or parents or others, if their bereavement is just too much, then we give the lion’s share to them.”

Sheri:  That’s wild. That is so great!

Robinette: So he says, “That’s what it is.” He said, “So you don’t ever have to say, this is for the parents because of their heavy load that they can’t seem to bear right now this is for them, because we make sure where it goes.” He says,“It’s just offering up the prayer and the energy and we make sure it gets where it’s supposed to go because” he said, “Nobody can do this unless they’ve been there and I have been there!”

Sheri:  What a good boy! I have the feeling that Dan and I are bringing the children to the parents and the parents to the children. That it’s a mission to kind of let them connect through spirit so that they can all be healed and know that the love goes on and that spirit goes on, and that’s the message.

Robinette:  Absolutlely! Couldn’t be better. 

Sheri:  Okay, well then, that’s wonderful!

Robinette:  So, that’s how it goes, and I feel like, that it’s going to continue to go right on, right on and on; not just, that’s where it’s gone and now let’s see where we go from here? It’s going to continue to go because it’s self-perpetuating. It’s not something that we have to, at the monthly meeting or the annual meeting say, “Okay, now how are we going do it?” It’s going to just perpetuate itself on like forever, like forever.

Sheri:  I think so. I set it up that way.

Robinette: He said, “It’s like the clock. It perpetuates itself and as it swings this way it gains energy so that causes it to be able to swing back this way and it gains energy that way, so its always gaining and using, gaining---using, gaining---using,” so he said, “That’s the way with this.”

Sheri:  That’s great, and the way his brother set it up for me online, the calendars are set up for life. Once I input a child’s name and date, it will be there forever, so I feel wonderful about that.

Robinette:  Sure, absolutely.  So, I feel like that’s the good news and that’s the good thing that is coming to you and know that all these people that I mentioned including Bartholomew.

Sheri:  He is the only name that I don’t recognize.

Robinette:  He’s a guide, a master guide that’s with you, who has come here to help you.

Sheri:  Okay, I’ll take all the help given. Spirit restores me.

Robinette:  Yeah. Exactlty so! Okay, that’s all I’m going to tell you today.

Sheri:  Thank you so much!