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Prayers are Received by Our Loved Ones on the Other Side

posted May 28, 2010, 8:01 AM by Sheri Perl   [ updated Jul 3, 2010, 9:43 PM ]

Dearest of Prayer Teams,

 I think of you often and of our connections to each other that continue to grow. Our group is constantly expanding as we open our arms and hearts to accept any parent who is faced with the unfathomable experience of outliving one or more of their children. Although we cannot bring our children back in the flesh, we seek to find them wherever they dwell, and to be connected through whatever means is available to us. 

I mentioned the book “Testimony of Light” by Helen Greaves as one of the best accounts of existence on the other side that I have ever read. Recently I read another book by Helen, “The Wheel of Eternity” which also has to do with what people experience on the other side and I wanted to share something from the book.

 It is my understanding that when you make the crossing, you are very much the same as you were here. Shedding the physical body does not change your beliefs or attitudes. If you were a kind, openhearted and loving person in physical life, that is who you will be when you cross over.  If, on the other hand you were full of anger and resentments, you will bring that with you and you will have to face them at one time or another before you can evolve on to a more peaceful state of mind. 

One of the beautiful things about the other side is that there is help and support there, no matter how dark your state of mind might be.  Helen writes, (in Testimony of Light) about beings on the other side who are so full of light that you can hardly look at them straight on.  These beings, of their own free will, enter  into the “shadowlands” as a social worker might go into a difficult neighborhood in order to bring help to those in need. They attempt to bring wisdom where there is ignorance, light where there is darkness. Once a soul sees beyond their own limitations, their growth accelerates. 

I have known for a long time that spirit beings can direct energy to those of us on earth in order to bring about healing of the body and the mind. I was a recipient of one such healing in 1971 and have known ever since that this kind of energy transfer is more than possible. What I didn’t know until Dan’s death however, was how powerful OUR prayers are for those we love who are over there! I had sent out an email request for prayers for Dan the day after he passed, because I didn’t know what else to do. I didn’t expect that Dan would come through medium Glenn Dove one week later to comment on the prayers which he defined as “waves of prayer”. 

When reading “The Wheel of Eternity” I came across this passage about the effectiveness of prayers sent from loved ones on the earth to the departed. In this case, however, the book is referring to troubled souls, which hopefully is not state of mind that any or our kids find themselves in. But, wherever they are and whatever challenges they may now face, our prayers can only uplift and help them. The following is quoted from “The Wheel of Eternity.” 


“Those faithful ones on your plane of life who send forth prayer, blessing, healing, and love to these imprisoned souls know not the power of the great work that they do. For their prayers come like waves of sunshine to pierce the fog of despondency, to sweep away, momentarily, the drabness of half-light. “


Although it is upsetting to think that some souls cross over carrying negativity with them, it makes sense that “what is found here is                 found there” Rumi.  It doesn’t make sense to assume that the mere act of shedding the body would bring about total understanding. But what thrills me is that there is still connection and communication at other levels that does get through! The following is also quoted from “The Wheel of Eternity.”


“Heaven and hell are states of consciousness here as much as they are on your earthly planet; and each entity, after he has passed through the experience of death of the physical body, brings with him here the state of consciousness which he had attained for himself whilst in incarnation in matter; and here he will dwell in that consciousness for as long as such level persists. However, evolution is still a law here, as it is in your world. The soul is continually evolving.”


Our prayers help that evolvement and for that we can take heart and be glad!