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One Way To Find Comfort: The Interstellar Telephone

posted Apr 24, 2010, 3:33 PM by Sheri Perl

Connecting Up Through Mediums—The Interstellar Telephone

Okay!  That’s what I call it.  Call it what you will, if you go to a medium who is a true and gifted medium, you can have an actual communication with your child.  If the medium is true and gifted, he or she will not need you to reveal anything about your reasons for the session.  A good medium can hear (well many say that they “feel” more than hear) the thoughts and messages directed from your child and will communicate that to you.  When a medium is gifted you recognize your child and you don’t have to question is it really him?  You will know.

Some of you have written in saying that you are able to feel your child around you and even to receive thoughts and ideas.  I don’t doubt this for a minute because I too can, at times, feel Danny around.  Most amazing to me is that when I find myself in the deepest sorrow, that is when I often feel flooded with thoughts that, at the very least, I feel are inspired by Dan.  For those of you who have this comfort, thank God for it and be glad for it.  But for many others, the lines seem terribly silent and they are missing their children all the more.  Now, I love exploring what I call “connecting up” through mediums.  For me it has been rewarding and has confirmed  much of what I had been feeling.  But for those of you who are not feeling anything….BY ALL MEANS GO TO A GOOD MEDIUM!

I would recommend Glenn Dove to anyone.  He is in Baldwin NY and if you are not in the vicinity,  he does do phone sessions.  I know from experience that Glenn does not need you sitting in the room for him to do his work.  In my opinion, Glenn is every bit as gifted as John Edwards or James Van Prague, however he is still affordable for most people.  He charges $175.00 for a private session and not $300 to $2000 which is not unheard of.  To schedule a session with Glenn call (516) 223-2567 and speak to Amy!

If you happen to be in the area of Lake Worth Florida, I recommend attending a  Blindford Billet Reading with Reverend Dr. Ron Fredrics.  These are big group sessions in which your reading lasts only about one minute, but the demonstration of life after death is so evidential that you walk out of the room somewhat transformed.  If anyone is interested in contacting the Reverend, send me a comment and I will find out from Ron how he would like people to get in touch with him  Admission to a billet reading is $35.00.  If you go to my website you can see a list of mediums whose work I recommend.  Roland Comtois is quite remarkable and you will find his name on the list as well.

You may wonder…what can a medium do for me?  Well, how about providing you with evidence that your child is okay, and that he or she is somewhere and has not been erased from the universe?  Does that do anything for you?  It certainly has done a lot for me.  I often think of it this way.  If Dan were alive and living in a foreign country, I would spend some of my funds on long distance phone calls to him…. so why is this any different?  It’s just a little longer distance, or actually shorter distance, because from what I am learning…they are really not far.  The spirit world that now contains our children could be right here, within our very physical world, separated from us by perceptual difference rather than physical distance.    Now, that’s something to think about.  After all in a session Glenn Dove said to me, “Your son is sitting right next to you on the couch.”  His perception allows him to see this.  I cannot but I’m mighty glad that he can!

And so I urge all of you to consider connecting up in this way, especially if you are really in pain.  I do want you to be aware, however, that it is extremely important to choose your mediums wisely.  Go with recommendations from people you trust.

Connecting up will not bring your child back here, but it will allow for another kind of relationship to develop.  Once you can feel with some certainty that the essence of your child has not disappeared, you will take a giant step in the direction of opening up your perceptual window.   As I say in the book I am working on now, we must seek them where they dwell…more on this at a later time.

As for registering your child for the Prayer Registry,  you can do that one of two ways.  You can hit the “leave a comment” button on this blog or send it directly to my email address which is   Be sure to put Prayer Request in the subject so that I know to look out for it!

I hope to hear from more and more of you everyday.  Please, if anyone has an excellent medium to recommend, we’re all ears here.

Be well,                                                                                                                                              Love,