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My Response to a Bereaved Mom

posted Jul 16, 2013, 9:51 AM by Sheri Perl

And yes you are right, in many ways, connecting-up is all that we have, but do not underestimate the power of connecting-up in spirit! You can come to a point where you feel that your child is walking beside you wherever you go.  


Unfortunately we have spent the bulk of our lives exploring and knowing the world only through the five physical senses, which are relatively useless to us now in our search for connection.  Until we fine-tune our own ear for spirit, we often do walk around feeling that they are nowhere near us, but I assure you, that is erroneous! 


I often say that the only reason we are capable of burying or cremating our children is because we know intrinsically, once the spirit has left the body,that our loved one is not there! You could be standing next to the coffin and the body is right there next to you and you look at it and you say, “She’s gone!"  What’s gone?  The body is right there!


But what is gone is the spirit, the essence, the energy that once looked out at you from behind those eyes, but that energy is not gone. On the contrary it is very very present. So the trick is for us to learn to know how to feel, sense, and experience that energy! 


It’s kind of like learning a new way of seeing, a new kind of language. Sometimes I think of it as The Braille System because when it comes to Spirit, we are somewhat blind. But we can and we do learn. 


Start by getting a journal so that you can begin to keep records of things that pop in and out of your consciousness. Start paying more attention to what you feel and what you think and what you daydream about. To see physical reality you must look out through your eyes into the exterior world. To experience spiritual reality you have to look inward into your mental world where feelings and images come. At the very least, our loved ones influence our thoughts. You can think of it as going fishing in the ocean of your imagination because that’s the portal through which information can come. 


Think about this: We have all experienced thinking of someone who then rings our phone only three seconds later. Did that person send you a mental heads-up first and how did you pick up in it?  You don’t know how, but we do this all the time And that is because on the nonphysical level the thought existed before the call was made, and on a nonphysical level you received it, however by the time it makes it through to your conscious mind, it feels like nothing more than imagination and so you write it off. Understand that imagination is the portal through which information from a Spirit level is interpreted. 


We can all do this and we do it all the time. It’s never going to fulfill the desire to have your child here physically, but you can develop a real sense of communication and connectedness and when you consider that we are here and they are there, I think that’s pretty great!