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Is Faith Necessary to Connect Up?

posted Jun 8, 2010, 3:15 PM by Sheri Perl   [ updated Jun 9, 2010, 3:06 PM ]

Faith always involves a leap of trust.  Just think about it.  If what you have faith in is self-evident, you don’t need faith. You only need faith in the face of that which is not self-evident. Faith implies believing in that which is not visible, so that when you say that you take something on faith, it means that although you don’t see it, you believe it anyway.  

I believe that to enable ourselves to connect up with our children, a little bit of this faith goes a long way. I am not saying that this has to be a doubtless faith either. You can question and wonder, precisely because you can’t see any of this with your physical eyes. But you will use that faith, that leap of trust, as a candle in the darkness to light your way into exploring the possibilities of connection.

My faith in the spirit realm and in Danny’s continued existence comes from 40 years of exploring this unseen realm through numerous means, and many, many sessions with mediums. At this point I have been well convinced of the validity of life after death.

Although I don’t consider myself to be a medium, I have an ongoing communication with Dan. Feeling his presence and being flooded with thoughts from him started happening the day after Dan passed, however, it is only after sitting in numerous sessions with mediums that this information was able to be confirmed and that my trust in the validity of the information grew. I have to admit, it is difficult to know whether what you hear is real or if you’re just imagining it and that is one reason why a session or two with a good medium is so valuable. I am now beginning to trust what I hear enough to start writing it down regularly.

Through the mediums Glenn Dove and Roland Comtois, Danny spoke of the importance of The Prayer Registry and of how these prayers reach them and help them. He often instructs me on what to tell “the other parents.” Through the medium Hoyt Robinette Danny said:  “Tell them we are as close as breath.” I was thrilled!

Now that I’ve started to take this Danny talk more seriously, I have started keeping a journal.

June 7, 2010

“We are with you, but only if you bring us in. Light the incense, be a little bit ceremonial if it helps you, but make the space for it. There must at least be an open door to the concept that we exist in some form, with our identities intact. That’s what matters. The flesh and all its trappings are temporal.

Focus on what is eternal. Your soul is eternal. My soul is eternal. All souls are eternal. Love is eternal.

Take the time everyday to open that door a tiny bit and let us in. Tell your readers their children say to them: Let us in.  We’re all around you. We’re as close as breath.”   

My suggestion is this: Everyday take a few minutes to devote to connecting up. Go with the assumption that although you cannot see your child, that his or her spirit is with you. Then breathe in and out slowly and as you do say something like, “I may not be able to see you, but I’m going to have faith that you are near. “ Then just talk, (I do this silently inside my head) and say what’s on your mind.  It’s okay to cry. I often do. And then just ask something, anything, like “How are you?” and see what comes into your mind. Don’t judge it. Just jot it down. This is one way to start initiating connecting up. If nothing comes to mind don’t despair. Give it time. 

Following is an exercise I do when I am feeling especially lonely for Dan. I call it The Love Infusion. I think it helps. Here’s how to do it: Take a few minutes to devote to connecting up. Make yourself comfortable and breathe in and out slowly.  Again you can say to your child silently in your head: “I may not be able to see you but I’m going to have faith that you are near.” Now, as you exhale feel your warm breath as it passes at the tip of your nostrils and as you inhale feel the cool breath as you draw it into you.  Breathing out warm, breathing in cool. Breathing out warm, breathing in cool. Out warm, in cool. Out warm, in cool. Now as you exhale imagine that you are sending all of your love outward to your child and as you exhale you mentally say, “I love you, I love you, I send you this love.” This is the easy part. It’s always easy to send the love. However the next part can be very powerful. On the inhale I imagine Danny standing at the foot of my bed, all big and tall and smiling and I imagine light coming from him towards me and entering into me as I inhale. In my mind I imagine breathing this light in and I mentally imagine Dan saying back to me, “I love you, I love you, I send you this love.” I breathe in deeply and draw this love and energy into me! I do this for about 5 minutes, sometimes more. Sometimes I cry. It’s emotional. But when I am finished I feel a little less lonely for Dan, as if we did connect up. Now I believe that this is all possible and so there is that little leap of faith again, which one needs to even engage in an exercise of this nature.

Some of you have written to me to say that you are in great pain. I understand. There is nothing about this kind of loss that isn’t           painful, even connecting up can be painful but it is so much better than not connecting up at all. Although nothing will bring our children back to us in the flesh we can connect with them because we have a common component, spirit. They are discarnate spirit and we are spirit incarnate but we are both spirit and therefore there is receptivity, but through the spirit. That means that it will not come through our physical senses anymore but through our spirits. We have to learn to see and hear with our inner eyes and ears. We have to open the doors of perception and see what comes in. I suggest keeping a journal of the feelings, thoughts and visions that come to you when you do your connecting up exercises. You may be very touched to find that ideas and thoughts come to you that seem much more in keeping with your child’s personality than your own, so please keep notes and keep me posted!

 Dearest of Prayer teams, I wanted us to have our own slogan. At first I thought, “onward and upward” might do but finally it came to me:

 "Stay Connected!"