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Introducing Three New Kids to The Prayer Registry

posted Apr 24, 2010, 4:08 PM by Sheri Perl

PRAYER TEAM—It’s been busy all of a sudden.  I’d like to introduce three new kids to The Prayer Registry:

1.  Lazaro Perez—November  13, 2010—registered by his mom, Milly Perez

2.  Cornelius Pickering—June 22, 2007—registered by his mom, Sheri Kyle

3.  Misha Hurd—June 1, 2000—registered by her mom, Judi Jones

Thank you for registering your children for prayer.  On behalf of myself and the entire Prayer Team I welcome Milly Perez, Sheri Kyle, Judi Jones and their beloved children into our community.  Please ladies, drop us a line.  Let us know about yourselves and your wonderful children.

From one bereaved parent to another, I bid you a fond good evening!