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Introducing 3 New Boys to The Prayer Registry

posted Apr 24, 2010, 4:03 PM by Sheri Perl

Fellow Parents,

I want to thank all of you who are on the case and sending your loving thoughts and prayers out to Andrew today.  It is a blessing that we do this and you should all take heart in supporting each other in this way.  I know I do!

In the last 24 hours 3 new boys were registered by their mothers.  Their names will appear soon on my website.  I have direct and immediate access to this blog however,  so I am going to publish the names here now for the first time.

1.  Alex Martin Wolf—August 7, 2009—registered by his mom, Tammie Wolf

2.  Matt Tolliver—March 18, 2010—registered by his mom, Helen Tolliver

3.  Michael James Bergman—August 16, 2009—registered by his mom, Teresa Bergman

To Tammie, Helen and Teresa, on behalf of myself and all the other members of the PRAYER TEAM, I welcome you.  This is a club, not of choice, but of circumstance.  We’d all opt out if the choice were ours.  But as we find ourselves in this unthinkable position, we are here to support each other through the worst of it.  The anniversary days of course are the worst, but Mother’s Day is another sad story.  We cannot take away each other’s pain but we can be there as supports in each other’s hearts. I know last year on my first Mother’s Day without Dan, I was comforted to know that my “sisters-in-loss” were going through this with me.   I welcome and encourage all of you to write into comments a little something about yourselves and your child so that we can continue to get to know each other a little better.  Over the years we will help each other through these horrific days.  Thank you all for your participation!!!!