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Fortunately or Unfortunately, We Are Not Alone

posted Apr 24, 2010, 4:05 PM by Sheri Perl

Dearest Prayer Team—

In the last 24 hours four new boys have been registered for prayer.  It seems that all of a sudden people are starting to discover us and our mission to send prayers to each of our deceased children on the anniversary days of their deaths.  As badly as I feel each time I read about another child who has passed and another family who is devastated, I can’t help but be glad that their parents recognize the importance of prayer and its ability to uplift and energize our kids.

I’d like to introduce to you the newest child who was registered a few hours ago by his mom.

1.  Michael Darren Heidt—April 15, 2007—registered by his mom—Denise Sydor

Denise, there are no words that I have to offer you to ease your loss.  I know this because I share this unthinkable loss with you.  I want, however, to welcome you to my network, that is open to all parents but is made up mostly of moms.  And I ask all of you moms in the Prayer Team to hit the comments and share a little bit about yourselves, your children and your own experiences with loss, bereavement and connecting up.  We cannot bring our children back here, but we can stand side by side and strengthen each other as we join together to pray for each other’s children and their continued growth and well being.

In my next post I will share about the amazing communication I was fortunate to have with Danny in early March, through the very gifted medium Roland Comtois.  Which reminds me, on May 2, I will be doing a  radio show with Roland.  I’m sure he will bring through many messages for listeners  and phone calls will be taken.  I will get all the information as to how you can listen in online, (and the call-in number!) and get back to you.

For now, from one bereaved parent to another, I send you my blessings!