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Exchanging Energy With Those In Spirit

posted Jun 16, 2012, 10:53 AM by Sheri Perl

I have had a few readings lately with both gifted mediums and psychics that have confirmed to me certain things that I felt about Dan's passing right from the  very beginning. Thoughts and feelings that I had regarding his choice, on a spirit level, to leave the earth at that time; things that I did not discuss with anyone because I wasn't certain about them, we're all confirmed. When I sat down to meditate this morning these thoughts came through from Danny.


“You knew as much or more than anyone. You would not except it's validity because you don't trust yourself or therefore what comes through you but you see now, that you always knew. How did you know you? It felt like you had imagined it and as I asked you before, I ask you again Sheri, what do you think imagination is? What does it draw upon? 


When you look out through your eyes you see physical reality or what you can refer to as framework I. When you look inside you are looking at inner reality which we can call framework II.


Now looking inside, image a stage with closed curtains and imagine pulling those curtains open---see them opening and then as soon as they are open, tell me what you see. You see my smiling face. Now breathing in draw energy from my image into you. See the image of me clearly in your mind and breathe-in the energy into you. As you exhale slowly, deeply and fully send your love to my smiling face. Keep the image of me clear in your mind and send the energy back to me as you exhale. Now back and forth, in and out. Let the energy flow between us back and forth. This energizes us both."