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Eight New Kids Registered on The Prayer Registry in the Last 48 Hours

posted Apr 24, 2010, 4:07 PM by Sheri Perl

PRAYER TEAM:  I don’t know if it’s twitter, word of mouth, wordpress, facebook, google or all of the above but all of a sudden people are hearing about our PRAYER REGISTRY!  As much as there’s always a measure of sorrow to hear of another mother’s loss , there is an equal measure of excitement to know that another deceased child is going to be the recipient of our combined prayers, once a year, every year.  I’ve been involved in the study of spiritualism long enough to say with some conviction that this is a damn good thing!  These prayers a felt as waves of healing energy that support and uplift our children in spirit.

I’m going to make a list of all the new kids registered in the last two days.

1.  Alex Martin Wolf—August 7, 2009—registered by his mom, Tammy Wolf

2.  Matt Tolliver—March 18, 2010—registered by his mom, Helen Tolliver

3.  Michael James Bergman—August16, 2009—registered by his mom, Teresa Bergman

4.  Michael Darren Heidt—April 15, 2007—registered by his mom, Denise Sydor

5.  Christine Susan LoPorto—August 7, 2009—registered by her mom, Susan Dandorf

6.  Brandon Allen Beckley—April 14, 2007—registered by his mom, Mary Beckley

7.  Elizabeth Cornes (Busy Lizzy)—February 25, 2007—registered by her mom, Leslie

8.  Chanlan Lee—December 19, 2008—registered by his mom, Catherine Chan

I want to welcome all the new moms and their children.  All of us on the Prayer Team are happy to see our prayer circle expand to include others who believe in the power of prayer and the continued existence of their children in spirit.  I think of all of our kids getting together over there, feeling rather privileged to be on the list.  How much sadder for those kids who go without.  I feel Danny close to me so much of the time.  I believe most kids on the other side keep a close watch.  Keep your metaphysical ears open and just stay perched for the possibility of a feeling or a fragrance or a vivid mental imagine.  These things are subtle.  They are of spirit.  They won’t hit you over the head but you can learn to hear and sense more.  We’ll be talking about all of that as time goes on.  Please use the comment boxes to share your experiences with connecting up, as well as to tell us a little about yourself and your child!

From one bereaved parent to another, I send my blessings,