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Dictation Number Two---for lack a better title at this time---September 27, 2020

posted Sep 27, 2020, 12:48 PM by Sheri Perl   [ updated Oct 12, 2020, 12:29 PM ]

Dictation Number Two---for lack a better title at this time


Good day to all of our friends in the realm of the physical reality. We have convinced Ms. Perl that we want to use her facility of clairaudience to build a relationship with those readers who want to hear what we have to say. We have grown tired of this hit or miss way that Little One (this is our name for Ms. Perl) has shared these brief transmissions. Almost like putting her toes in the water and then pulling them out for fear of criticism which befalls all mediums, but especially with EVP there is a lot of mistrust and Sheri shys away from being criticized. It really upsets her and so she posts something and then doesn’t for a long time because she isn’t completely comfortable with this kind of exposure. Fortunately, we believe that we have convinced her that this is gift she was given to her in order to help others and that if she doesn’t use it, then she has wasted something that we consider rare and precious and so she has agreed to type up whatever she hears through this line with the trust that our only intention is to help and that this will not put her in a critical light. If it should, we say, “Does it really matter all that much?” What matters most is you knowing your experience is valid and that you  follow your heart and let the pieces fall where they will.


One of the things we want to share with you is something that we talk to Little One about on a constant basis and it is this: Don’t fret about those things over which you have no control! There isn’t one good reason to spend your days in worry about things that you cannot effect. Little One can get herself all embroiled in an upset about something that she isn’t able to turn around and so our little lady isn’t doing herself any good and it wastes a good deal of energy. We don’t see any value in worrying even when there is something you can do, but much of people’s distress is over things that they cannot change and it drags them into a negative state of mind.


When there is something you can do to improve a situation, by all means do what you can, reach out and be proactive, but in those areas that are beyond your reach, send your prayers and your light to those who need it, but don’t go down the rabbit hole and make their misery your own. You can only help to uphold your world with love.  


These are tough times to be living in physical reality. We know that there is so much confusion and fear that our hearts go out to all of you. Still, what matters very much is the attitude in which you hold everything that is presented in physical reality. What can you do to bring in some light to yourself and those around you? 


Let’s start with a few simple instructions:

Breathe in deeply and draw light and healing energy into you

Exhale fully and send that light all throughout your body


(Repeat first step a few times)


Breath in deeply and draw the light and healing energy into you

Exhale fully and send that light outward from you to anywhere you wish to see it go




Please practice this at least once or twice a day for a few minutes each time . If nothing more, it will bring the light into you. We finally have gotten Little One to bring this light in on a regular basis and it has brought her back into better footing and trust me when I say that she needs this as much as all of you do, so take this and learn to rely on the light to give you a bounce in your gate and a smile on your lips.


This is Sheri Perl’s Spirit Team saying we love you guys and we are going to do our best to be regular visitors through this electronic line that Little One can hear. 


With warmness and fondness we send you light and love from the realm of the Spiritual Reality.