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Dictation Number Three---Words from Little One's Spirit Team---October 4, 2020

posted Oct 4, 2020, 12:36 PM by Sheri Perl   [ updated Oct 12, 2020, 12:29 PM ]

Hello My friends in the realm of the physical reality. We send blessings in all ways that are needed to help each of you to cope with the strain of living with the pandemic. We hope that you know that avoiding wearing a mask is asking for trouble and you would all do best to not get this virus if you can help it. Sheri has worked with us to help a member of The Prayer Registry and her husband survive a terrible time with COVID 19 but then, shortly after they returned home, their daughter fell ill and wasn’t able overcome the virus. She recently joined her brother in spirit and leaves behind 2 sons and her broken hearted mother and father. 


Friends, we told Little One very early on, in February in fact that she had better hunker down and to not even dream that her friends scheduled to visit her in early April would be coming to NYC. Well, as long as Little One doesn’t stop us, we will tell you what we see as far as we are able to see, but please know, we don’t know everything, we are not in control of everything, we are not God any more than you are God, but we are light beings and we can see some things. When we think it’s warranted, we pass information onto Little One. Now, with her permission we will pass on our feelings to you. 


BEWARE of COVID 19. Don’t think it’s over and don’t be foolish. Stay mindful when you go out to protect yourself by not loitering close to others, by keeping your face covered, by not touching your face at all when you’re out and by washing your hands thoroughly when you do return home. This virus is very contagious and it is a virus, not a hoax.


That said we are free to trust that you will heed our advice and we can give you the good news, which is, we have no pandemics here in spirit. We know that you can’t even begin to imagine the splendor of an existence that doesn’t present you with a whole bunch challenges to be addressed on a constant basis. It’s a realm with a greater sense of connection to all others and so we don’t feel cut off or alone ever, something you may feel from time to time. It’s a product of being in a body that seems so separate that you cannot know and feel the human connection that is unbelievably comforting. It’s something that you have to experience to understand but it’s just outside of this moment and it is something worth looking forward to rather than fearing. There is so much beauty in this realm with many things that we can’t even describe to a person who is still blinded by the physical brain which breaks everything down to what its limits of perception are. So, just trust us on this, the best is yet to come. 


As bad as things may seem at this time in physical reality, this isn’t the entire picture of the existence of human beings and we are here to say that you will go on as we have gone on and there is much more sanity and comfort when you reach this realm, so breathe easy and don’t fear death, whatever you do, don’t fear death. Crossing over is a lot easier than driving in rush hour traffic. (We stole that line from a movie that Little One watches from time to time.)


We’ve taken up enough of Little One’s time so we will say goodbye for now and we’ll return at the right time when Sheri says. “yes, I’ll take dictation.” 

Love to all,

Little One’s Spirit Team