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Dictation #5 Advice From Little One’s Spirit TeamUntitled Post

posted Oct 21, 2020, 11:14 AM by Sheri Perl

Dictation #5  Advice From Little One’s Spirit Team


Hello, friends in the realm of the physical reality. We bring greetings and blessings with the utmost sincerity, for we truly care for each of you and we know how challenging these times are to be living through. This is precisely why we feel the desire to come through and offer some encouragement because we are human too and we understand far more than you might assume. 


Those of us in the realm of spirit are acutely aware of the events that are taking place in the lives of our loved ones and so don’t ever feel completely alone, for each of you, at the very least, have a child-in-spirit watching over you and your families, but most of you have many loves on this side who keep their watchful eye. That doesn’t mean that we can make your lives run smoothly because we don’t have the power to control events, but at least you know that if you should make the crossing, (which one day you will do) that you will be greeted and loved and brought into a realm of much greater ease. Compared to life in physical reality, life in the spiritual realms is more like a vacation. 


Dear friends, as you have shown to us such a warm welcome displayed by your supportive comments, we have convinced Little One to let us be in touch with all of you through this outlet as well as posting these dictations on her website. We have said to her that she isn’t being given this information for herself alone but so those who also want to listen to our advice as well. She has agreed to let us call the shots here and to print what we ask her to and so we think that the best things we can do for you is to teach the same things that we’ve been teaching to Little One now that she is willing to listen and it’s really simple concept, easier to understand than to do.  


We have been telling Little One that when she really trusts that she is not left totally on her own and that she can take a second to take a breath and that before she runs into a rabbit hole of some kind, give her worries to us and ask for help. That mini second that you can either jump into a reaction and possibly fumble what you’re trying to do or give yourself a momentary “time out” to take in a long deep breath and just give up your anxiety for a mili-second and breathe light into you. 


You see, there’s meditation and there’s meditation in action and most of you, even those of you who actually sit in meditation as a practice, jump into action or have a big reaction the second you are alarmed or in a hurry. Little One has been a rusher all her life, even if there was no reason to rush, she would rush through things as if she might not be able to complete her task unless she moved with rapid speed, which inevitably lead to making mistakes, stupid mistakes.  Little One recalls hearing a scientist/speaker named Bruce Lipton speak at a conference. He explained that when humans panic, their blood rushes to their extremities in order to fulfill the fight and flight response. He said, “So, you know what that means people? It means you get stupider!” 


We would like you to observe yourselves as you go about your daily activities. How do you respond to pressures as they arise? Are you likely to get yourself all riled up going through mental machinations trying to comb your mind for answers because we can assure you better success if you stop running right to your mental capacities

before taking a second out to relax, breathe in and ask for help. We observe that when Little One takes this advice that things just work out better, faster and with less wear and tear on her consciousness. Still, old habits die hard but the more she sees the results of following this advice the more she thinks it’s a little like magic. 


So that’s our two cents for today. As I said earlier, this is not hard to understand, but you will find it hard to do at times, probably the times when you could use this practice the most.


But all we can do is to point you in what we feel is a positive direction. and 


Bless you all,

With love from Little One’s Spirit Team.