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Death Isn't Optional-A Travel Guide For The Other Side

posted Jul 22, 2010, 10:38 AM by Sheri Perl   [ updated Jul 25, 2010, 2:13 PM ]

Chapter Two: Crossing Over As A Younger Person        

This chapter is taken from a work-in-progress that is being written by myself and the medium Glenn Dove.

It’s a gray, rainy September morning. The traffic on the Hutchinson River Parkway is progressing slowly towards the Whitestone Bridge. The bridge stands tall and impressive, as it rises up from the misty landscape below. The day is dreary, but I am not! In my briefcase is the first draft for chapter one of “Travel Guide” which I am bringing to Glenn for his approval. I am pleased with the way it reads and with the volume of information provided by our co-authors from the Other Side. I am also looking forward to seeing who will come through this morning and hearing what they have to say about crossing over as a younger person. 

As I pull into the parking lot at 2280 Grand Avenue, Baldwin, I am glad that I left home early. Despite the slow pace of today’s traffic, I had arrived on time.  

I find Glenn in his office and ready to begin work. As Glenn inserts a new tape into his recorder, he already senses the presence of his old friend, Michael Earls. 


Michael Earls

I feel that this is my chapter.  I have a lot of children here with me today. Some of them passed over as infants and some of them as children. There is never only one reason for these younger passings. Instead, there are several reasons all interconnected and interwoven.  Let me explain.

An infant will come in with an illness, or develop one and by his living and dying, the medical community learns something significant about curing an illness. Coupled with that, the family of the child is affected and there is usually significant soul growth as the family copes with the loss. There are cases where souls will make the decision to come in and then decide that they don’t want to stay, resulting in miscarriages and stillborns

In many of the cases, two or more karmas are fulfilled at once. Children go through the process of coming in and going out, but in the process of doing that, they create a rippling effect. Imagine someone dropping a rock into the water and then watching the ripples going outward to affect the family and others who are around. One purpose of a younger passing is the way that it affects people on your side, for good or ill, because there are things that need to be experienced and learned.

People often ask about stillborns or children who are born with an illness or a handicap. People often blame themselves in these situations.  There should be no blame. People need to go through certain experiences. We choose to come into these lifetimes with certain lessons to learn. Remember, any experience in your life that you really learned something from, usually caused some kind of difficulty. You almost never learn lessons from something easy. A lot of times people choose to come back with a particular handicap because they want that experience for soul growth. They want to experience what it must be like because it’s going to help develop and round out their character.  Sometimes they need to understand the feeling of loss. Sometimes they will choose to have a child who will die young, or be born with an illness or a handicap.  

The difference between having a child die young or having a child with a handicap is that one is a lifetime commitment and the other is a short experience. Both have similar ramifications, however because with a childhood death, some people will live their entire lives and never adjust to it. That’s their choice. All the experiences that you have, you can either choose to hold onto or to let them go. 

One of the main reasons that we are motivated to come through is to show people that there is something beyond physical reality. If this was understood, fear and sorrow would fall away. You would know that you will see your loved ones again and death would no longer hang over your heads like a haunting noose. It would help you to move forward. Of course people need a time to grieve, but if you understand that death is not the end and that no one is erased at the point of physical death, you can be greatly uplifted.

Glenn’s attention is now drawn to a young boy who gave his name as James.  We were not given nor do we know his last name.


One of the things you didn’t ask and people want to know is: who is there to greet them when they get over there? My passing was at about 11 years old. I was young and I had drowned. There was a nice woman who met me and even though she wasn’t a family member, I felt familiar with her, as though I knew her. There is always someone to meet you. No one goes over alone and in fear, at least not that I know of. It is not like the first day of school where you are lost and don’t know where to go. It is much more comfortable and natural than that.  Most of the difficulties and confusion people have crossing over are not with children, but with older people. The shorter you are on earth, the stronger your memory is of the spirit side.

Understand that when children go over, they have none of your preconceptions. They don’t know any different. They don’t know that they can’t be comfortable. They don’t know that it’s not going to be an easy transition. For them it is very easy and natural. No one tells a baby how to breathe. For children, in many cases, the transitions are very calm, and very peaceful. They don’t struggle with it at all.  

In most cases they just needed to come back and do a short amount of time. You wouldn’t think twice if your son or daughter said, “I’ve got to go back and do a semester and a half of classes to finish my masters”. So, in a sense, a child says, “Okay, I have to do two or three years to complete what I have to do”.

Think of it this way: You drove all the way down from Westchester to Long Island today. As you got onto the parkway, some people entered as you did, while others were already there. You traveled on and some people got off at the next exit while others continued for 4 more exits and others traveled on for 10. Why? Why didn’t they all come to Baldwin, with you? They had different destinations. As different as they are individuals.

So some only come in for a period of time to complete whatever they need to finish up. Each is an individual story. We do not know if you can understand this, but from our perspective, even 90 years is a brief flash in time. You see everything in terms of one earth life. We see a much bigger picture of many lives that are interconnected.

We want you to understand not only that there are a lot reasons for a younger passing, but also that you should not worry about children passing over. Their transitions are much easier. 

Glenn interjects that Michael Earls is now beginning to speak again.

Michael Earls

In actuality, it’s the older people who have been in physical reality longer, who have more of an adjustment period to go through. You almost never see children going into what is called a blue light. There are lights that souls go under, almost like a hospital on your side. Sometimes people require to go into a state of sleep, however its usually older people, who have been through a lot more. Children have a tendency, because they have been in physical reality for a shorter time, to be flexible and resilient.

A highly developed soul can come into a family and play a part in helping that family to work through karmic challenges. This being may take on an illness, maybe even pass over. This insures that the family will face those karmic challenges in this lifetime. This is hard for you to comprehend on your side because you are looking at things through a certain dimension. But, envision this:  Begin to turn one gear that is interconnected to another. Notice that as you turn one gear, the gear next to it also begins to turn, which then turns another gear and another gear. So, one movement or one pebble dropped into a lake will send ripples out in every direction, so it is fulfilling many purposes. On the one hand, a child needs to come in and finish up a year, or two or five. He comes in and finishes up his five years and in doing that, he dies of an illness. That helps doctors develop an understanding of an illness. Along with that, it fulfills a karmic challenge for the parents who needed to experience loss because they didn’t know how to detach in former incarnation. So, it’s a whole chain of events, a domino effect.  The problem that you have is that you tend to see these matters in terms of black and white, wrong or right. It is not that simple. There are many reasons, all interconnected. 

The transitions for children are much easier than they are for adults.  It’s a more natural process. They don’t even have to think about it.  You think of the pain and suffering while they don’t even know what that is. You can only see something outside yourself that you have in yourself. So, they don’t see it. To them passing is quite natural.   

One lesson you can all learn from us is this:  Look and feel like a child when you live. Don’t allow yourself to become too serious. The more you take in on your side, the more that you feel it can’t be done. Be more playful. Sometimes children are able to accomplish things simply because no one has told them that they cannot. 

There aren’t different rules for older and younger.  All law is the same over here. However, the less time on your side, the faster the rebound. On your side it is easy to be pulled down by suffering and thinking. This is the reason why there are many short incarnations. After about 25 years, you begin to settle into a pattern. Learning patterns change; you observe and absorb more at an early age. After approximately 25 years you turn a corner where you start to settle in. It varies by a couple of years but you develop a learning pattern where it’s hard to break the chain. It’s almost like pouring cement into a mold. Once it starts to harden into it’s form, that is pretty much what it remains. In the early stage when you are still mixing the cement, it will take on any shape you introduce.  

Glenn then describes seeing a beautiful young girl who passed from Leukemia at the age of 25. He heard the name Ginny. I could only assume that this was the daughter of my close friend Mary O'Brian who lost her daughter Ginny in this way. As the conversation ensued, I felt strongly that it had to be Ginny O'Brian, for I knew Ginny in life, and all of this rang true.

Ginny O'Brian

When I came into this incarnation, I was already a very highly developed soul. I only needed to come in for a short time. It was as if I had a few credits and a few semesters to go in order to finish my requirements. Along with that, there were family issues that needed to be addressed and in an effort to make the family more aware, I chose to come in. There is much that I like to do on this side and I was given many tools when I was brought in. I work with the children over here, and I’ve chosen to still work with the family and come through.

I come around quite a lot to guide my younger sister. My death was a catalyst for her soul growth as well as it was for my parents. I had illness and I suffered, however through out the treatment there was a calmness about me. I had a good deal of treatment. We had to make the effort to make me well. It was something we all had to experience together. It is never wrong to make the effort.

In prior incarnations I had worked with my creative abilities and developed my musical talent. Those were gifts I was able to bring with me into my physical life. From a very young age I was able to develop quickly whatever I put my mind to. I played both violin and piano and became quite adept at both, which is not surprising. If you were able to see how all the lives connect together, it would not be so surprising.  From your perspective, you look at a flight of stairs and see only the one step right up in front…one step out of a whole flight of stairs is what one life is. You focus on this one life as if it is the entire cycle of reincarnation when it is just one step in many. People look at the life they are presently living as if that is all there is. They think, “This my house. This is my car”. But, what is really yours? Isn’t everything on loan to you, even your physical body? In all cases, one life is just a quick experience and then we can review over here.

It is not necessary for me to come back. For now I am content to stay over here. I am interested in helping others and I love the arts and creativity. In my last life, I only needed a short time and by taking on the illness, I accelerated my growth. It was like doing 4 semesters in one. 

There are those who come in to cut away a path for others to follow. Eventually, however, each must find their own way and make their own path. Your perspective and the thoughts you think direct the course of your path. There are certain things that are pre-arranged, for example your sex, the culture you grow up in and your ethnic background. But then, within that, you make choices. For example, you are driving on a highway. How fast or slow you drive, what lane you drive in, if you stop to buy gas, who you meet along the way, are you reckless, are you cautious, do you get into accidents, do you hurt people, do you help people….all this is left up to you in your present moment. 

Certain soul choices are made prior to coming in. For me there were multiple reasons for coming in and embarking on a shorter life; a relationship issue between my mother and father, a direction issue for my sister and a spiritual direction for my mother. I myself only had a little bit of time to do. I could have lived a longer life and not taken on the illness however, by taking it on I was able to work off the last little bits and pieces of my karma. This is not only about the length of time that I lived, but what I achieved in that length of time. It was about showing what was possible.  Also, it was how I did it, how I handled the illness. Through the suffering, I always managed to maintain a smile.  I handled it. I sort of accepted it. I didn’t resist it. In the resisting you have more problems. I’m not saying that if you are ill or have a child who is ill that you should not use medicine, or work with visualizations or do whatever is in your power to bring about healing. I’m just saying that if you can, find a way to make your peace with things or you throw misery on top of misery. In all situations try to focus on a positive perspective….seeing the cup as half full rather than half empty. 

In my case, my work was partially for family and partially to affect others. In my short lifetime I affected many people and these effects will be everlasting.  People will know in years to come. Possibly scholarships will be formed. This is what is important. 

People so often focus outside for certain achievements, and there is nothing wrong with that, but those things end up not mattering at all. 

Much of what people think is so important in life, is not so important. When an older person passes at age 99, you don’t speak about it as you would if a young person passed at age 25. These particular incarnations have wide reaching ramifications. 

Glenn’s attention is now drawn again to the presence of his old friend, Michael Earls.

Michael  Earls (to Glenn)

It was my death that prompted you to become a psychic. This book would have never been written if I had not passed over because you would have never pursued the field. It was through my death that you went to one of your first readings, and were told of your gift. It started you on this journey.

My passing of course had ramifications for my family, but at the same time, I set your course into motion. You were then able to use your ability to go out and affect others, and the ripples continue to spread outward. 

My death and Ginny’s were very different.  Hers involved an illness and suffering. Mine involved an accident in which I had no suffering, just the severing of my physical life. My death contains more of a shock value. The point I am making is that they both have their place. When you look at a painting there is the sky and the ground. We need both for contrast. 

What we don’t understand is why more of you do not hear us. You could hear us but you choose not to. In many ways you are very dense people. However, these ideas are becoming more mainstream and accepted. In time the development of inner abilities will be more commonplace. You could easily develop these abilities. It’s as if you don’t realize what is already inside you. You are everything you need to be. It’s almost as if you put a cardboard box on top of a lamp and punch a little hole in it and there’s light in the room. You punch another little hole and there’s another little beam of light. Now, you’re walking around the room, looking for the light…looking on the wall for more light, not realizing that it’s coming from the box.As you punch more holes in the box, more light starts to come through. Eventually the whole box is ripped away and you see that the light was inside the whole time. You are already complete but you do not understand this. You need to start looking at life from that perspective. For you will not find it looking outside yourselves. 

When it comes to the death of younger people, if you understand that you will see them again, there can be much less suffering involved. Once you recognize that, beyond physical death, that there is a life of spirit waiting for each of us, then much fear can be dispelled. Keep in mind, especially with a younger passing, the uniting of people together in prayer or in consciousness can do a lot to help…this a why a wall came down in Berlin. In every arena, the giving factor is all important. Once somebody gets that, once a person has recognized unselfishness and becomes more charitable, they don’t have to attend church. That state of mind is the highest state of mind. Be the person an atheist or an agnostic, if he or she lives their life as a charitable person, they have actually reached more of an awareness than those who may attend church regularly and yet do not understand this. This is the most important point we can make. In order for you to survive in the future, this will be very important. 

Glenn now felt our co-writers stepping back and the session was ended. 

Back in my car and onto the highway.  The sky is clearing up and I am pleased with the morning’s session.  I’m driving west on the Southern State Parkway as I begin to listen to the tape.  Below is a list of some of the key points as I see them.

            1.    There are multiple reasons for a younger crossing.

2.    The younger you are at the point of death, the easier the transition.

3.    Someone is always there to greet you.

4.    One life is like one step in a long stairway of steps.

5.    We are already complete but we do not understand this.

6.    We should remember to be more childlike.

7.    You are free in the present moment to make your own choices.

8.    Many challenges are decided upon before physical birth for soul growth.