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Dan Speaks About The Prayer Registry Through Medium Glenn Dove

posted Sep 26, 2010, 1:25 PM by Sheri Perl   [ updated Sep 30, 2010, 10:34 AM ]
My Name is Sheri Perl. I lost my son Danny on July 1, 2008 from an overdose of alcohol and prescription drugs. Needless-to-say, my life has changed forever with the event of Danny’s passing. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss him and wish that he was still here. For this there is no consolation.

I am writing this article, however, because I have spent the last 40 years of my life exploring metaphysics with an emphasis on spiritual healing and mediumship. I firmly believe in the existence of a spirit realm in which my son exists now along with the souls of all the others who are on the spirit side of life. I believe that his love for me is as real today as is mine for him and that communication is still possible between us. Sometimes this communications take place through thoughts and feelings or dreams. I also pursue sessions with reputable mediums, which has proven to me, beyond a doubt, that Danny remains very close to our family.

The day after Danny passed I sent out a mass email to everyone in my address book, informing them that my 22 year old son had passed and asked if each of them would send out a prayer. One week later in a private session with medium Glenn Dove, Dan spoke of the “prayer list” and how the prayers sent to him by so many had lifted and healed him. I was impressed with this because I had no idea that the prayers would actually be felt by him, it just seemed like the right thing to do at the time. A year later in 2009 I formed The Prayer Registry for the purpose of directing mass prayer to children on the anniversary day of their passing. The registry records the dates of our children’s passing and prints them on a public calendar so that anyone can view them and join the Prayer Team in sending out prayers. The Prayer Registry is open to any parent who has lost a child. Simply contact Sheri at and give me the full name and passing date of your child, no matter what age he or she was when they passed. All are welcome.

The following material is taken from a recording made in a private session my son Aaron had with the very gifted medium, Glenn Dove. In it Dan speaks about The Prayer Registry and his involvement with it on the other side.  I warms my heart to know that these prayers reach our children and that our love for them is still felt, needed and appreciated. 


                                        September 11, 2010 Glenn Dove with Aaron---Dan and Herman present


Glenn:  He (Dan) says not necessarily by choice but by circumstance he’s become the other side counterpart for the work that your mom’s doing here. It’s like, and he’s not annoyed about it, but he’s funny because she’s made this network on this side and he says you have to understand that there’s two sides of it. So he said it’s almost like she’s entertaining the network on this side. She’s setting it up and as she’s putting this out, he’s receiving these energies and these feelings from people. So what’s happened is, Dan, by process of association, does the spirit side of your mother’s work. She’s doing this side and he’s working on that side of the curtain. She’s in one room. He’s in the other room and they’re both doing the same thing.


Aaron: Oh that’s great!


Glenn:  And he starts to laugh cause he goes, “I didn’t have much choice” because it’s almost as if families and people that she’s affecting who, in turn send him thoughts, he’s meeting their families. It’s kind of been like a looping network. He says, “I don’t know how I wound up like this but it just worked out that way. So I can’t say it was something he did by choice but he makes a joke, “It’s something that I fell into.” So it’s almost like you work with your father, he works with his mother. That’s exactly what it is.


Aaron:  Well, she has this Prayer Registry.


Glenn: Well it’s that and it’s all her other work. He says, “They’re going to ask what I’m doing. It isn’t like a job, it isn’t like I’m an attorney or I’m an accountant over here because obviously we don’t have those things.” He’s running the spiritual side of The Prayer Registry, he’s trying to. Your mother’s running the material side, the world side, the earthly side and he’s connected with it over there.


He said that, and your grandfather chimes in as well; your mother’s always wanted to make a change. She’s always kind of had this, in a good sense, hippy kind of mind set. She came in, she’s one of these people who would be against war and stuff like that. Her work on this side, from the get go, was to be healing and service. He says, “I’m only glad I can be part of it.” He goes, “I can’t take as much credit as her because she’s a tireless worker” and she doesn’t see, most people don’t, but especially for her, because she’s so wrapped up in doing things and talking and helping she doesn’t see how much effect that she’s having. And Dan’s the one saying this. He just sometimes feels funny because sometimes, it’s his name and it’s him that was the trigger, the spark that ignited the fire. So sometimes, he goes, “It seems like it comes back to me but,” he goes,  “I can’t seriously even think about it, I’m like the least.” But he’s trying and that’s what he’s doing now but the cause of it…he did something off the wall stupid, it’s like he kicked over the bucket by mistake and it starts the fire and burned down a bad building or something like that, so people are cheering. So through an error on his part it snowballed into a positive situation but then it kept going and he goes “And it came back and hit me” and so by a mistake on his part he puts himself over and starts the chain reaction.  It’s like that game mousetrap where you hit the ball and it rolls down and flips the thing, all of a sudden. He says “But now it’s coming full circle” and by him witnessing all of it, it’s now got him involved in it. So, I said it before. It works out perfectly. He works for your mom. You work for your dad.


Dan says,  “So many people come over here who deserve what I have and don’t get it. So many people come over and have done right on your side and don’t get what I have.” He says, “Sometimes I feel a little weird because” he says, “It happened to me on both sides. I was on this side and got quite a lot given to me,” I guess he means his needs were met, in the outer sense. He lived with a good family, he always had a roof over his head. He was always provided for. Dan says, “So many people don’t even have that on the earth. I kind of had it and then I come over here and what happens? The same thing.  This is my life. I can’t escape it.  And he says that’s when he had to go with it. He tried to escape it, by going over, escape the fact that he was given everything in the outer sense and in the loving sense and fucked it up in plain English.  And he says, I get over here and what happens? In the spirit sense I’m gona get everything. It’s almost like “What did I do to deserve this?” So he says, “Bing, the light finally went off…well then Dan, I’m going to earn it.” So he put himself into like, I have to now work for what I’ve already been given. Some people work and then they get something, Dan’s on the opposite track. He’s going to have to now work for what he’s already been given because he says, “I’m not doing it because anyone is making me. I’m doing it because for the first time in my life, I feel it!”


Now this comes full circle. He’s telling me that it’s the group here holding him up. It’s almost like, you look down and everyone down here has their hands up and it’s like he’s standing on them, holding him up. 

If you are a bereaved parent, don’t hesitate to check out The Prayer Registry at and register your child for prayer! 

Sheri Perl,
Sep 30, 2010, 10:27 AM