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Crossing Over As A Younger Person

posted Apr 24, 2010, 3:48 PM by Sheri Perl

So many of us have suffered the loss of a young person.  You will hear it said, time and again, that burying a child is the hardest thing you will ever do, and I concur with that.  It goes against everything we feel is right.  Those with deep faith can say, “It’s God’s will” and maybe that serves to comfort them.  For many of us the questions cannot be answered that simply and we want to know WHY?  Why them, why us, why anything?

And so I have decided to include here, excerpts from a chapter of a book in progress.  This material was obtained in a session with the medium Glenn Dove  and myself in 2007.  Because the chapter was centered around the the topic of crossing over as a younger person, numerous souls who had made the crossing young, came through Glenn to share with us what they have learned from their experience.  The first person to communicate his ideas to us through Glenn’s gift was his old friend Michael Earls who had died in a car accident in his early 20′s.  This death, in the early 1970′s had a very powerful effect on Glenn’s life

Michael Earls

I feel that this is my chapter.  I have a lot of children here with me today.  Some of them passed over as infants and some of them as children.  There is never only one reason for these younger passings.  Instead, there are several reasons all interconnected and interwoven.  Let me explain.

An infant will come in with an illness, or develop one, and by his living and dying, the medical community learns something significant about curing an illness.  Coupled with that, the family of the child is affected and there is usually significant soul growth as the family copes with the loss.  There are cases where souls will make the decision to come in and then decide that they don’t want to stay, resulting in miscarriages and stillborns.

In many of the cases, two or more karmas are fulfilled at once.  Children go through the process of coming in and going out, but in the process of doing that, they create a rippling effect.  Imagine someone dropping a rock into the water and then watching the ripples going outward to affect the family and others who are around.   One purpose of a younger passing is the way that it affects people on your side, for good or ill, because there are things that need to be experienced and learned.

People often ask about stillborns or children who are born with an illness or a handicap.  People often blame themselves in these situations.  There should be no blame.  People need to go through certain experiences.  We choose to come into these lifetimes with certain lessons to learn.  Remember, any experience in your life that you really learned something from, usually caused some kind of difficulty.  You almost never learn lessons from something easy.  A lot of times people choose to come back with a particular handicap because they want that experience for soul growth.  They want to experience what it must be like because it’s going to help develop and round out their character.  Sometimes they need to understand the feeling of loss.  Sometimes they will choose to have a child who will die young, or be born with an illness or a handicap.

The difference between having a child die young or having a child with a handicap is that one is a lifetime commitment and the other is a short experience.  Both have similar ramifications, however because with a childhood death, some people will live their entire lives and never adjust to it.  That’s their choice.  All the experiences that you have, you can either choose to hold onto or to let them go.

One of the main reasons that we are motivated to come through is to show people that there is something beyond physical reality.  If this was understood, fear and sorrow would fall away.   You would know that you will see your loved ones again and death would no longer hang over your heads like a haunting noose.  It would help you to move forward.  Of course people need a time to grieve, but if you understand that death is not the end and that no one is erased at the point of physical death, you can be greatly uplifted.

IN my next post I will continue with the material from this chapter.  Please, if you have any comments, pray tell!