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At What Point Do We Trust Our Own Experience?

posted Apr 24, 2010, 3:45 PM by Sheri Perl

I am responding to something that Ruth wrote in a comment.  It sparked a reaction in me.  Ruth was sharing that when she spoke with her mom and her mom told her not to try to connect up with her son, Ruth explained feeling confused.  Although she said she would still try to be connected, it obviously upset her.  I can understand that because for some of us gals, there have been long histories of listening and being affected by what our mothers have to say, even though we may very well know that they are not necessarily pillars of wisdom.  None-the-less, old habits die hard and so I have this to say to Ruth and it is this:

You know a lot more about this than your mother does.  You know from your own experiences with Glenn Dove that Josh is progressing with his life from the Other Side and if given the choice, he would choose being  loved over neglected.

It brings me back to the time in 1971 when I wanted to stop taking the horrendous drug Prednisone.  After 4 years of illness I had experienced a wonderful healing with Harry Edwards and didn’t want to take the drug any longer.  My doctors strongly warned me against stopping the medication.  They said that if I stopped the medication there was a 50/50 chance that I would relapse and that if I had a relapse, there was an 80% chance that I would die.  Now I was only 20 years old and I had no intention of dying but I had to make a decision.  I finally decided to stop allowing my doctors to call all the shots because, as I reasoned it,  the only person in the equation who knew that I had experienced an unexplainable healing was me.   All of a sudden I would not let the doctors be the authority when it came to something that I knew more about than them!  Although I had been in the habit of following their directions, when I saw that they could not understand what I knew to be true, I stopped letting them confuse me.

A number of years ago, because of the evidence given to me through years of sessions with medium Glenn Dove, I came to feel that I would actually be in denial if I were to not acknowledge the validity of the communications.  Now when people tell me that they think that the spirit realm is not real, or that it is ill advised to connect up with souls who are there, I just think they don’t know dick!    I really just think that they are ignorant of these matters and I don’t get confused by them anymore.  Trust what you feel in your heart Ruth!

With love….