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An Amazing Session With The Medium Roland Comtois

posted Jul 3, 2010, 2:56 PM by Sheri Perl   [ updated Jul 3, 2010, 3:13 PM ]

The following is an excerpt from a semi-private session held on March 4, 2010 with the gifted medium Roland Comtois.  Present at the session were: myself, my husband Jerry, my daughter Jessica, my son Aaron and a friend of ours named Ron Clarke who had recently lost his daughter. 

Roland: Thank you very much for being here. You all look familiar. I’ve seen you before somewhere. I’m honored and thankful every single day that this is my purpose and my mission. I realize that you’re being here can be difficult because I’m talking about things that are sad; I’m talking about your loved ones, it doesn’t make for easy conversation, it doesn’t make it for an easy experience but I realize it’s important; it’s incredibly important to stay connected, to open that channel so that you can always see feel and experience the love that is sent from out there. When I say out there I really mean in here you know, I think everything is in here. I think everything is held within us. All of their love and all the spirit and all the energy of God, divinity, all of that is within us and so we’re going to go on a mission for the next two hours and that mission is to bring as much energy and information that I can for you. You’ve heard me say that I’m not a magician, I’m just a guy who hears feels and sees and my mission is to pass on those stories to you and at the end of this experience you will make your decisions on what you believe and you know; it’s all up to you. So thank you very much for being here today. I’m very glad that somehow we could make this work. Things happen for incredible reasons. You know I haven’t done a small group like this in a very long time and the truth is when Helen said your first name I heard instantly, “Yes!” like I couldn’t say no; even if I had wanted to say no, even if I had been on the road now for six days and I just did six presentations in a row, and I still heard that I needed to sit with you guys. I didn’t know who was coming. I didn’t know what would happen, I just knew that when I heard your name, somebody in the background was telling me that I had no choice, so here I am doing what it is that I’m supposed to do. All of us have a purpose and a place in life and this happens to be mine. You know you’ve heard me say that before and so thanks for being here and just be open to receive everything that you’re supposed to receive from this experience.


The reason why there are only five of you in the room and the reason why this small group is offered and it’s offered very rarely now, is because you have a chance to step into this experience, you can ask questions, and have dialogue and make connections and really, this is not the group for people who are afraid. Honest to God this is not about fear. This is about stepping into that loving energy. So, this morning I prayed for you. I prayed for you. I didn’t know you were coming but I prayed for you anyway. And I thought of you and in my own personal prayers I said to God, to spirit, to angels, to everything that I believe in, what message must I send that will bring healing and love? And then the story is told. The story is presented before you arrive. Normally I have everybody’s first names. Since I did not have first names I focused on the chair that you would be sitting at. I was already getting in the groove before you arrived here and that’s why I didn’t want you to lose your things because I put the numbers that correlated with your seats and you know, there was a lot of work and effort long before you even came into this room so as we begin this journey there’s a lot of stories that I have to tell you. I’m going to share them with you and you will probably need a tissue, there’s a box of tissues, there’s some here, there’s some behind you. Let your emotions run with this, don’t be held back emotionally. I don’t know if you all know each other, I don’t know what the connections are to each other but this is a very sacred moment; it’s a moment of healing the heart and it’s interesting Jerry, you’re number 5 and you are here to heal the heart and you’ve been working on healing the heart and it may be the physical heart, the spiritual heart, the emotional heart or it may be all of that, but that’s part of why you’re here because I heard that when you would sit in this chair, number 5, the fifth chair, that you’re coming here to experience some healing of the heart.


That’s what I heard this morning. I heard that when you would sit in your chair Ron, that your time was short together, that there wasn’t enough time to experience each other, not enough time to experience each other and I felt this beautiful woman, this light, all this energy around you and every single day when you are having your conversations like this,  you’re in deep prayer and thought and talking to your beloveds, they hear you and so you’re sitting here. There’s a woman standing there who says your time together was short Ronald and I can feel her presence and her love being there. As we began the journey this morning you knew that we were beginning this journey, I could hear the stories of your loved ones and…


I knew Jerry, that you were coming here, I knew only by where you would sit that somebody would push you to that seat…maybe you thought it was the only one left, but you could have sat over there and Ronald could have sat over here and it would have been a different story but in fact, it’s worked out in its perfect order and you’re right where you’re supposed to be. I could hear a voice in the background whispering to me, ”I am healed, I am healed.” Over and over again I am healed. Somehow he wants to present to you all of his healing now. Like he’s some master out there and it’s like, “Hey, I’ve got it.” This is how I hear him, “I’ve got everything under control,” he says. And so when I started to focus on what it would be, I knew you would be the recipient today of his healing ability, because whether you understand it or not, he had an amazing presence in life, and why wouldn’t he carry that amazing presence forward. He said, “Hey,” like this! I keep seeing this kind of energy from him, “Hey.” He wants to shower you with all of his love. You’re here on this day to receive healing. He kept telling me to say, you know he’s got a sense of humor right? You can’t shake them. You can’t change them. They love you as much as they did in life.


TO RON: She loves you. She wants me to rub your shoulder a little because you want to feel all of them . He says, “I’ve got a connection to all the angels,” he says, like this, (jestures with arms) he’s got incredible connections to angels on the other side and he began to tell me how he’s bringing everybody to you because you need them. You’re sitting here, there’s a young man standing with you, there’s a older man, a father and a grandfather. You brought 3 men in this room standing with you at this moment all showering you with their incredible love.


TO JERRY: Your boy says, “I’ve had plenty tough times to talk to you.” And he wants you to remember all the love that he has and he wants to bring you all of the healing, he says. So I knew the person who would sit in this chair, out of the 5 of you, would require the energy of the heart, the energy of healing because that is why you are in this room! That’s why you are in this room, to receive the healing.


And you Jessica, when I thought about the person who would sit there: you don’t have to wait anymore. I know that you’ve been waiting and waiting for things to change, that you’ve been waiting for some mysterious sign from the other side to take away your own tensions and your own worries. Your energies have been like this. You’ve been all worked up about so many things, and there is no doubt that you are walking on a new journey and a new path in your life. Your heart is beginning to open and you’re supposed to be here to receive all of the healing. Yeah, you don’t have to be afraid anymore. You don’t have to be afraid about anything. He says, “Don’t worry.” He says, “Don’t worry about anything.”


And I know why you’re here Sheri. I know why you’re here. He says, “I know why you’re here too.” He talks about time moving so slow and so fast. He doesn’t really want to talk about how he was, how he was in those last moments, he wants to talk about who he is, where he is. He wants to talk about how he tries to talk to you and get to you always, he says you’re beginning to hear him loud and clear, he’s kind of proud of you I guess, but you’re beginning to know that he is truly with you and he says somehow that there was no time. He speaks of that, he spoke of that before you got here. That there was no time for any farewell, not the real kind you know, not the real goodbyes, not that he says.


TO RON: You know that God loves you? Look it, you’re the guy sitting here with the beautiful purple shirt on which means you believe in the ascended masters, you believe in God, you believe in all of these things and that they have given you the strength to take each step that you have been taking. I know that you’ve been waiting to hear messages from her and I know that you’ve been waiting to make sure that she’s in a peaceful settled place. That’s part of what your message is already. She says she’s been talking to you and talking to you and talking to you so long now she says. And she wants you not to worry. She says she can hear your conversations with Jesus. She said you’re such a believer; actually you have a lot of faith. You hold the faith for many people whether or not you understand that’s part of your purpose but it is and you did the same thing for her. You did the same thing for her. Even now you hold the energy for her, she says. You want to know if she’s settled. You want to know if she really found her place. She said she’s loving you and she’s so glad that you made it here, that you took time out of your busy schedule she says, you’ve always got some place to be. You’ve got to organize and fix a lot of people and she says she’s glad that you made it here. Your heart is opening. She’s standing with you and she wants you to know that there’s no pain, no pain she says. Tell him there’s no pain. She’s opening the doors to new ways for you.


TO ALL: You’re all being loved in this moment by your loved ones, by your ancestors, by your angels, by Jesus if you want. You can have anybody that you believe in that supports your soul, that supports your purpose, loving you here. I know that you’ve all seen me with groups of people and you’ve heard me say, they all talk in my head at once, still it happens, even if there are five of you. You know, and I haven’t perfected yet how to contain that energy and I don’t think I want to contain that energy because it’s so magnificent and so beautiful and it touches me everywhere. Every cell in my being is touched by that energy.


TO SHERI and JERRY: Your boy is standing there and I told you now, he doesn’t want to talk about the old….he really doesn’t want to talk about his last day. Maybe a part of you that wants to talk to him and maybe have some resolve about what he was thinking and what he was going thru and what he was experiencing, but he wants you to know that there wasn’t any time for goodbyes. He says that there wasn’t any closure. He didn’t’ have any closure either, he said. He says that when he passed away, all he could do, it felt like he was just sleeping away. He was just sleeping and sleeping and sleeping and sleeping. He says it felt like he had been sleeping for a long time you know, and then he tells me that he woke up in the next place, he says and he was totally shocked about that, he says. He says I just…I love you…I just went to sleep…I love you. I just went to sleep, he says, and everything got kind of crazy he says, and he woke up in the next place. He’s talking about his grandmother. He said I saw a lot of people, old people, lots of old people standing on the other side. Oh, listen, he has an incredible sense of humor about this. He said that when he saw all the old people standing behind him he knew that something had happened, you know. It was almost like it was a shock to him that everybody was there. He says everybody was helping him when he was at that moment of sleeping , he says. He says he wants me to tell you how happy he is to see all of you people here. He says he knows that you’ll never be able to figure this out until he sees you face to face and tells you the whole story for real.  Like this…for real, he says. He wants you to know that time was moving very slow for him and he couldn’t get himself together, he says and he couldn’t get himself organized. He just couldn’t get his thoughts organized. He said everything was going like this…in his head. In and out, in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out, he says and it made him sad. It made him very sad and he couldn’t get past his sadness and he says, and he thinks…“You couldn’t fix me. You couldn’t fix me. I know you worry about what you should have done.” But he says, “I’m okay.”  He says he woke up on the other side and everybody was standing around him on the other side and he thought, “Oh God, something happened here” and he had to come into his own healing, he says. And so he’s bringing you all this incredible energy from the other side. He gives me, again, you know he says he’s got a lot of connections, he keeps talking about how he has all these amazing connections on the other side and that he’s bringing you this incredible energy, he says.


TO AARON: You have come here for the greatest message. You have come here for the greatest message. When I was preparing for this morning you heard me say that I looked at this chair and I imagined a person sitting there and I asked the angels to bless whoever would sit in this chair, and that one, and so forth and to give me a message that would give healing. That’s what I asked for this morning. And maybe you’re going to want to figure out how that happens; how that comes to be. Well, I have no idea. I prayed about it. I thought about it. I asked all the angels to bring blessings and healings so that it would be a perfect morning for you and I heard the person who would sit in the second seat would get the greatest message. Now maybe some of you are disappointed that he gets the greatest message, or maybe you support Aaron on this mission to receive this message. When I focused on you this morning, when I focused on you this morning I felt as if you needed what is written right here.  And I heard him say, “You did what you were meant to do for me” and that is supposed to bring you some peace and solace. That somewhere inside of you, you are in a battle; a battle of some kind and I’m sorry that I’m admitting this out loud in front of your family and friends but the fact is, he says, “You did what you were meant to do for me” he says. And he said it with such a force of energy that you can’t shake that.  He said you’ve taken responsibility for this long enough. He says you think that you should have known. You think you should have known everything…he says he doesn’t want you to cry about this anymore, he says He knows that when you’re all alone you’re shaken to your core about “Did I do enough for you? Was I helping you enough in your life?” and you keep processing this and playing this inside your mind. He says and he kept saying, “You did what you were meant to do for me” and that somehow, your connection is unbroken, he says. “It’s unbroken” and that he knows that you stood with him, trying to hold him together, trying to hold him together, he says. There were days when you just couldn’t. He’s been talking about one picture of the two of you. I’m not sure which one it is…just the two of you though. “It’s so beautiful”, he says. “We look so good in that picture.” He says and I want you to know, to keep that one close to you.


Aaron:  I do.

(Below see the attached picture of the boys that was mentioned)


Sheri Perl,
Jul 3, 2010, 3:12 PM