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A Message To The Prayer Team on November 23, 2010

posted Nov 23, 2010, 4:11 PM by Sheri Perl

"Dearest Prayer Team,

Already you are reaching out to the Ongs and the Chaukes and I love you all for it. I want to say a word or two about Githa Ong because I know her and her family well. We were next door neighbors for 10 years when we all lived in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY.

Githa was the kind of girl who made you stand back and marvel! She was good at everything! From sports to academics, Githa excelled. She played both piano and violin, was a proficient skier and an amazing golfer. I held a memorial service at my home after she passed and the house was filled with people who admired her from her teachers to her classmates. What really struck me was how many young people felt that she had impacted positively on their lives.  Twenty-five years is not a very long time and yet Githa had affected and positively influenced many many people!

I remember seeing Githa dressed for her senior prom. I wondered, even then, how this girl who only yesterday had been a gawky teenager with glasses had turned into this magnificent vision of young womanhood. She took my breath away!  She went on to college at Oberlin, continued to excel there and of course to graduate. How could any of us understand when she was diagnosed with Leukemia?

Maria and John tried everything. Githa, as one would expect, fought bravely to turn her illness around but as you all know, in the end, Githa crossed over. Of course you know me, so you can only imagine that I suggested to Maria that we seek connection with Githa through Glenn Dove and other mediums in our area. And of course, our girl came through time and again to reassure us that she was well, that she was close, that she was keeping an eye on her younger sister, and that she had survived! I think this is the key here.

I was recently in a workshop with the medium Roland Comtois. At one point Roland channeled for us and I was given the opportunity to ask a question. I asked Danny if he had any message for the other parents on the Prayer Team and he said exactly this: "TELL THEM THAT I EXIST!" to which I said, "Because if my child exists, then their children exist too!"  

I am always amazed that most people are content to live with little or no knowledge of this thing we call death. You would think that something that is clearly not optional, something that in time will come to all of us, would be looked into, to say the least. But for the most part, people live in denial of death until it slaps them across the face, as it has all of us. So, now the question is, what the hell do we do? 

I can only tell you what I do and you all know, I connect up through spirit. I let the thoughts and the feelings, the ideas and the dreams in. I know that I can't see Dan with my physical eyes, and I can't hear his voice through my physical ears, but if there is any way at all that I can open up to feeling his spirit I will continue and continue to reach out to him. For the first step, just keep an open mind. Allow for the possibility that your children exist in another realm, one that you will go to in time. Believe that they still love you as you do them and that, (and this is the other part of Dan's message to all of you) they are okay over there! And Dan has specifically asked me to tell those parents whose children have crossed by way of suicide or overdose, that those children are fine  too, that there is help and support and love over there and that none of them are in purgatory for "crimes" of any kind! He has also stated, many times, that the prayers sent to them from us over here are gifts of energy and love that help to propel them forward on their path. That is the other thing that we are doing; we are continuing to nurture and love our children whether they are here or there because after all, they are still our children!